February will see the return of the wanderer and I am so looking forward to getting home and catching up with some of my zero waste chums.

I will shake the dust of deepest, darkest Borneo from my feet and embrace the grey drizzle of Yorkshire. Plus  we actually have a house to live in – hurrah! its been a long time since I have had a fixed abode. We will have no furniture so it will be an excercise in extreme minimalism! Bring it on!

Meanwhile lets get on with this months #plasticfree tasks.


Looking into making pants and I found this kit in a box. Could be a useful introduction. You can also get them at John Lewis

Jen over at Make Do & Mend got sent on a course!


First theres a petition to sign.

Introduce charges on plastic & polystyrene containers for the takeaway industry

“I would like to place a charge on every plastic and polystyrene container used by the food industries and takeaway industries like the plastic bag charges brought in. Hopefully this will push people to use the eco-friendly products that are on the market but that are over looked due to the prices.”

Sign here..(for U.K. Citizens only)..

And there’s another one here asking Dairycrest to keep milk deliveries in glass bottles.

Plastic Free Lent 10th Feb to 26th March.

For those of you who didn’t know, some folk are taking part in a plastic free Lent. Sorry for the late news and indeed I would love to tell you more about this project but I don’t know a great deal myself

. It is organised by peopel in Bristol (I am pretty sure of that) and has run for a couple of years now. It has a great FB page.

Here’s some blurb “Welcome to the Lent Plastic Challenge. A group for all those who are ready to challenge themselves and take on the pesky single-use plastics that pile up in our modern life.

To support your challenge, each week we will have different theme. So you can start off in the first week with one item and build up gradually”

Hooray for them. I would love a feature them  though I ask and ask, no information ever gets sent my way. Sigh. Would love to have them in my the Plastic-free U.K. directory.

Mothers Day March 6th (U.K.)

Now the madness that is Valentines Day is out of the way you can start thinking about Mothers Day and here are some excellent ideas on what to get the old dear and how to wrap it up.


While it is still a bit cold to be out there, thoughts now turn to the garden and the seeds that need to be sown for the coming year. You need to start planning ahead for plastic free seedlings.

You can buy plastic-free seeds from these suppliers and find instructions on how to make your own paper seedling pots here.

I am going to have to make some new clothes when I get home. Browsing through Offset Warehouse and their amazing range of fair trade fabrics that they send out plastic-free.

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