Obviously we don’t use

  • Plastic wrapping, bags and packaging and bottles
  • Throw away, disposable items
  • Synthetic fibres, fabrics and leathers – not just made of plastic but shed micro plastics when washed
  • Trashy items that are cheap, badly made,have a limited lifespan and are consumer trash.
  • Plastic items for which there is a viable and sustainable, natural alternative.

Sneaky plastics

But did you know that there were plastic in all these products too

Chewing Gum

I don't do chewing gum because not only does it come packed in plastic, it is actually made from plastic ...
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Toothpaste With Added Plastic

What's in your commercial toothpaste? For starters ther may be plastic micro beads!Did you know that at least 12  Crest  toothpastes ...
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Greaseproof paper/ waxed paper

Baking paper – also known as greaseproof bakery paper or parchment paper, is grease proof paper that is used in ...
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Condoms & Lubricants

If all goes well on Valentines day you may well be planning some intimate moments. Time to check out condoms ...
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Cardboard laminated

When I started my boycott I soon realized that giving up plastic would be no easy ride but I didn’t ...
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Cardboard Boxes With Plastic Liners

The plastic free cocoa quest has suffered something of a setback. Last week Mother came bustling in flushed with pride.“I ...
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Cardboard Cups & Pots

So you find what looks like a cardboard container full of yummy ice cream or you see that your favourite ...
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Microbeads.... the newest way to exfoliate. These tiny particles, or microbeads, scrub away at the skin supposedly leaving it wonderfully ...
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Foil and Paper, Plastic lined

Now of course I know that nearly all paper products used to package food that have a thin plastic liner.  Foil ...
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Plastic In Menstrual Products

Those disposable pads and tampons? Not cotton wool as you might have thought but plastic. Sigh! Why? Along with cotton ...
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Metal Lids With Plastic Linings

Back in the early days of the boycott I didn’t think of glass jars as an issue - after all ...
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Tin Cans, Plastic Liners & Health

So you think, no that you've given up plastic but at least you can buy stuff in tins. At least ...
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Rubber – PVC free

I didn't know that PVC was found in rubbers but here you go .... from the blurb.... PVC-free thermoplastic rubber ...
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Tea Bags

Whats in your tea bag? Paper and tea you wish but actually no. Firstly is your bag made from paper? ...
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Laminated Cartons /Tetra Paks

They might look cardboard and many think they are even some kind of waxed paper but tetrapaks and the like ...
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Lucky then that we sourced a whole load of alternatives!

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  1. sorry to be the bearer of bad news. Toothpaste too – for no reason other than to give it colour!!!!

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