Want to live plastic free…. or at least massively reduce your plastic footprint? Here are a whole load of plastic free products sourced and used by us as part of our boycott.  While we are happy to try out new products if sent to us, we work for no one and say only what we believe to be true.

Live Free & Sneaky Plastics

Start here with some superfast ways to cut your plastic trash
Watch out for Sneaky Plastics –  in places you might not have known about.

Plastic Free Products

The easiest way to find a #plasticfree alternative in our huge database of products is to use the search function (#grandmothersuckeggs!) However we have also organised them by other criteria.

Disposables & Reusables & Refills

Welcome to the wonderful world of reusables delve into refills and when push comes to shove, be directed towards disposables.

Organised By

Organised by type you can find everything from food to gardening to personal care.
Task  Want to know how to wash the pots, #plasticfree? Check out these posts organised by task!
A to Z organised… erm…alphabetically

Towns organised alphabetically that have #plasticfree/ packaging free/ zerowaste shops.Find them here.


Bags & Packaging
Shopping plastic free means taking your OWN PACKAGING.Check out the plastic-free shopping kit here.
Which Shop
Use your local shops Reasons why here.
Buy British and cut those air miles. Some ideas HERE

Food Here is a list of food types category with purchase details

Loose Food
Find out if a shop near you sells bulk food loose. This is stuff that that normally comes plastic packaged. A list of towns with shops selling loose food.
Supermarkets & Chainstores  Yes you can get plastic free and zero waste stuff. Read up HERE.

Delivered in glass bottles but double check before you order

Buy On Line

These shops sell plastic free products and send them out in plasticless packages. Find them HERE


Make It Yourself.
Sometimes you just have to make it yourself! With #plasticfree scissors.Find out how to craft your own clothes, cosmetics and other useful things
Composting – it’s the future of rubbish

Travel – how we travel the world plastic free.

The Directory

The Plastic Free U.K. Directory lists #plasticfree projects and businesses.  While there are many plastic free initiatives out there  they are often plasticfree by default rather than intention. The people featured here acknowledge the issues of plastic pollution and are taking  steps to address them.


Links, People & Organisations

Get The Knowledge
Information about science, green issues and other related subjects that impact on the plastic debate can be found at Useful to know

Wrong Place?

Try another chapter….
Welcome a quick introduction to everything
About Plastic  everything you need to know about plastic and somethings you wish you didn’t
Bad Plastic – why you need to cut your plastic consumption
Cut plastic – how to cut unnecessary plastic out of your life & meet the other people doing it.
Links & Projects –links to other plastic free people, the U.K. directory and out other projects
Us & The Boycott –About us the blog and the boycott rules
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