When I read the bad news, (Second Hand Tales), that  Dairy Crest planned to stop delivering milk in glass bottles in 2016, I set up a petition asking them to reconsider.

Today, Dec 6th, I wrote to them via the Milk & More customer services contact form.

Here’s what I said….

I have used your milk delivery service in the past because you deliver in glass bottles. It is with great concern I hear you are to phase these out and use plastic instead. Other customers share my concerns as you can see from the attached petition. Many of us only use the doorstep service because of the returnable glass bottles and would stop if they are no longer an option. I look forward to your comments on this subject.

They said  that milk  will stay in glass bottles till at least April 2017). Please do keep on sharing the petition and I will try to get some more definite information. I will be posting updates here

More info

In 2016 the  Hanworth Dairy Crest glass bottling plant will close with a loss of 200 jobs. From then on milk will be delivered in plastic bottles.  You can read more here and here.

Now I am happy to pay more for my milk to be delivered because it comes in a glass bottle.

I like glass because:

Other Potential Issues

If Dairy Crest stop delivering in glass I will no longer use this service. If I want milk in plastic bottles I will buy it at the shops. I believe that many of their customers feel the same. Cutting glass bottles could actually result a drop in custom and to less door step deliveries. Which would lead to further job losses and impact on a useful service that benefits the housebound and less mobile.

S.O.B Campaign

If you want

  • Dairy Crest to reconsider this decision,
  • to demonstrate a demand for glass bottles,
  • help people keep their jobs
  • tackle plastic pollution,

SIGN THE Petition

please sign and share this petition.

If you want a petition widget for your site, embed this code

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Tweet using the #saveourbottles and see it appear below

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Alternative Milk

There are other milk deliveries with glass bottles out there. Check this list. If you know of any others please add to it.

If you can’t find a milk man ask your supermarket to install a milk refill service so you can use your own bottles. They have them in France!

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  1. Thanks. Yes I had heard that too but I thought they were only taking over parts of the business. I got quite confused. In the new year I will try to find out more and please let me know if you get any concrete info. Have a very happy festive season.

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