Have to shop in supermarkets? If so you might despair of living a plastic free life. After all supermarkets are super keen on packaging.

Hooray then for Louise Bayfield and her  “POSTIVE PRODUCTS LIST (UK) a list of High Street and Supermar-ket products that have no packaging or in some way help reduce packaging.”

Shopping Tips

If you want to buy loose, you will need to take your own reusable packaging – produce bags, tupperware even compostable disposables. You can find them here.
The plastic free freak should remember that
metal lids to glass jars are of course plastic lined .
Tin and cans including those for cosmetics are also plastic lined
Paper and foil wraps will be plastic lined.

Choose Well
If you really can’t do without it and you have a choice a plastic wrapped products, choose to buy the one in simple plastics that can easily be recycled

Many of these stores I have never been in. Others of course I often use. I have linked my reviews here
Whole Food Market – if we have to have supermarkets let them be like this….

How To Do It
Eating for a week, plastic-free, only from supermarkets  – a case study.
Supermarkets feedback planning the supermarket of the future

Other places to buy unpackaged food are listed here.

The List

Do remember not all stores stock all products. It might be wise to check ahead if you are making a special visit. The original PDF will be updated as  Louise shops around so do check back there for updates. 

Once again thank you  Louise for such a fantastic resource!

Widely Available At Most Supermarkets

Bread Mixes – Paper
Ecover Laundry Powder – Cardboard, no scoop
Fruit and Vegetables – Bulk, take your own bags
Instore Butcher, Deli, Fish Counters and Bakery- Bulk, take bags and containers
Flour, Sugar, Eggs and Oats – Almost always available in paper or card
Frozen Produce in Cardboard – Linda McCartney, Fish (MSC), Potato Waffles Shake box to check there’s no plastic inside
Pasta and Rice in 3KG-10kg bags – Choose plastic (not film), reuse or recycle at Sainsbury’s. See some notes about which plastic is best, here.
Soap Bars – Paper or cardboard
Twinings Tea bags in biodegradable plastic (but the teabags contain plastic)


Ale and Cider, excellent value selection of British brewed drinks in glass
Cake and bread mix – Paper
Oats – Paper
Rapeseed Oil, British, cold-pressed – Glass, foil and metal cap


Cake Mix, Wright’s – Paper

Coconut Oil – Glass and metal

Cornflour, Brown and Polson – Cardboard, I believe this may be bagless inside

Coffee, instant, extra large sizes – Various packaging

Double Edge Razor Blades 10’s – Cardboard and small plastic cover

Ecover Washing Powder – Cardboard, no scoop

Fruit and Vegetables – Currently the largest selection of loose produce

Fish Fingers, Birds Eye 30 MSC – Big pack to save on packaging – Cardboard

Gram Flour – Paper

Laundry Stain Removal Soap Bar – Cardboard

Oats – Several Brands – Cardboard

Pasta, Fusilli 3kg – Plastic, recycle at Sainsbury’s

Pizza bar – Larger stores – Has anyone tried to buy one of these unwrapped yet?

Rice, Various 4 – 10kg bags, biggest selection – Various packaging

Spices, fresh garlic, ginger and chili – Bulk

Washing-up Eco Liquid, ASDA Own Brand 1litre – Plastic but larger than most, great value

World Foods – Always a few unexpected surprises in this department, please let me know what you find.


BecoThings Potty and Step stool, reusable – Biodegradable and cardboard packaging

Boltanics Toiletry Range – Organic, midrange – Some items in glass with plastic tops

Bath Salts – Cardboard

Burt’s Bees – Some products in Glass with metal lids and tins

Double Edge Razor Blades 10’s– Cardboard and small plastic cover

Essential Oils – Glass – Various tops

Lip Tins – Metal

Mooncup – Cardboard

Nivea Creme – Tin

Naty by Nature Nappies – Biodegradable

Origins Toiletry Range, plant based and free from lots of nasties – A few glass items – Pricey

Reusable nappies and supplies

Wooden Handled Brushes with FSC mark, Boltanics and Ecotool range for Make-up and hair – Packaging unknown


Bread and Cake mixes – Paper – Really good selection in some larger stores

Costco / Cash and Carry

Save on waste buy buying big packs – Business Customers only


Castile Soap, Larger bottles – Packaging varies but mostly plastic

Shampoo/conditioner/shower gel/ Bath – Very large bottles, sometimes organic and glass packaging

Soap Bars, sometimes organic- Beautifully wrapped in paper/card – Good gifts

Candles – Often votives in glass or metal tins with no packaging or cardboard box

Glassware – Recycled water glasses and sometimes goblets, No packaging other than a small sticker to base.

Many home items are unpackaged other than a price sticker. Some items are surplus. A good place to look for

Zero Waste Kitchenalia – Glass Jars, Stainless Steel Water Bottles, Insulated Travel Mugs, Tea strainers/Infusers,

Reusable Silicone Bakeware, Wooden Brushes, Scrubbers, Coffee presses, Wooden Boards, Wooden Bowls etc…

Some will be in cardboard or unpackaged with sticker.


Has anyone ever ventured in?


Crisp breads – Paper

Kilner style Jars – Good value – Paper and sticker

Loose sweets pick & mix stall with paper bags

Lidles See full review here

Butter – Paper

Bread, loaves and rolls – Bulk from Bakery – Very good selection

Breadcrumbs – Cardboard – Can anyone confirm there is no bag inside?

Bread Mixes, various larger bags – Paper

Cake Mixes, various – Paper – Seasonal item not always in stock

Cornflour – Cardboard – Can anyone confirm that there is no bag inside?

Doughnuts – Bulk from Bakery

Feta – Glass Jar

Fish Fingers and battered fish, MSC – Cardboard

Fruit and Vegetables – Reasonable selection of loose produce

Nuts, salted cashews, pistachios – Bulk bins – Take very light weight bags as no tare

Oats – Paper – Excellent value

Pastries, Croissants, Pain Au Choc and various Danishes – Bulk from Bakery

Pizza Slices – Bulk from Bakery

Rice, white – Cardboard

Salt – Cardboard

Washing powder, non-bio – Cardboard – No plastic scoop


Bath bombs and fizzers – Bulk

Hair dye blocks, Henna/Indigo – Several shades – Bulk

Toothie Tabs – Cardboard

Soap – Bulk

Shampoo and Conditioner bars – Bulk

Most other products are in recyclable pots – return to store for free product


Herbs and spices – Glass with metal lids


Morrisons – see more here

Cake Mix, Wright’s – Paper

Fish Fingers, Birds Eye 30 MSC – Big pack to save on packaging – Cardboard

Oats – Quaker, Scots Porridge and Own brand – Cardboard

Spices, fresh ginger, chili and garlic – Bulk

Neal’s Yard

Various organic toiletries in returnable glass. Can be pricey.


Organic beauty and toiletries, some in glass. Aspirational prices.


Cake Mix, Wright’s – Paper

You cleaner refills – A concentrated eco cleaner in small plastic bottles


Selection of glass kilner style jars – great for those on a budget


Robert Dyas

Borax Substitute, Dri-pac – Cardboard


Butter, farmhouse, located near deli – Paper

Baking Powder, sachets – Paper and cardboard

Bicarbonate of Soda, sachets – Can anyone confirm packaging?

Berries, Frozen Basics – Plastic bag only – Return to store

Cake Mix, Wright’s – Paper

Cat Litter, Bio catolet – Litter and packaging have green credentials

Dishwasher Powder – Cardboard with small metal pourer – Works well in smaller quantities

Ecover Washing Powder – Large boxes – Cardboard

Fish Fingers, Birds Eye 30 MSC – Big pack to save on packaging – Cardboard

Lasagne Sheets, Basics – Windowless Cardboard

Naty Nature Care Nappies – Biodegradable

Oats, Quaker and Flahavan’s – Cardboard / Paper

Pizza Bar – Larger Stores – Has anyone brought one unwrapped yet?

Double Edge Razor Blades 10’s– Cardboard and small plastic cover

Soap Bars, various including organic – Cardboard

Spaghetti 3kg – Plastic – Can be brought back to store for recycling

Toilet Paper, 100% recycled, 6 space saving rolls – Plastic wrap can be recycled in store

Vinegar, Sarson’s distilled White 568ml – Glass bottle, plastic cap

Washing Powder, Own Brand – Cardboard – no plastic scoop

Plastic bag recycling bins in store entrance – Sainsbury’s products with this type of packaging are clearly marked.

Any brands can be deposited but check they are plastic and not film. As a rule film cleanly tears and is louder

when crunched, plastic is softer and stretches when pulled.


Toilet Tissue, Maxima – 100% recycled – Large cardboard box, no inner tubes

Toilet Rolls, 8 pack – 100% recycled – Plastic wrap, recycle at Sainsbury’s

Envelopes, various sizes, business size bulk packs – 100% recycled – Cardboard box

Tea and Coffee – Huge catering size packs, various packaging, shake box to check there’s no plastic inside

Tesco – See more Tescos products here

Bath Salts, Radox – Cardboard

Coffee Beans, Lavazza 1kg – Usual non-recyclable packaging, largest available

Double Edge Razor Blades 10’s– Cardboard and small plastic cover

Ecover Washing Powder – Cardboard, no scoop

Fish Fingers, Birds Eye 30 MSC – Big pack to save on packaging – Cardboard

Cat litter, Sanicat Eco – I believe this is in a paper bag

Olive Oil, Il Casolare – Flip top glass bottle, reusable?

Tea Bags Miles West Country Tea – Paper bag, can anyone confirm that this is not laminated?



Bicarbonate of Soda, large crystals – Cardboard

Borax Substitute – Cardboard

See more Wilcos Products here


Bakery, rolls, cakes, fancy cakes and childrens decorated biscuits – Bulk

Butter, British – Paper

Borax Substitute, Dri-pac – Cardboard – Larger stores only

Bread Mix, good selection – Paper

Cat Litter, Waitrose wood pellets – Recycled wood and paper packaging

Coconut Oil, Groovy Food, Organic – Glass Metal

Coffee – Free with my Waitrose card – Take own cup

Dishwasher Powder – Cardboard

Fish Fingers, Birds Eye 30 MSC – Big pack to save on packaging – Cardboard

Juice Bar – Could ask for a refill ? – Not available in all stores

Neal’s Yard Products – Glass can be returned to Neal’s Yard shops for refund

Naty Nature Care Nappies – Biodegradable

Oats – Flahavan’s, Mornflake, Quaker – Paper and cardboard

Soap Bars – Including organic – Paper and Cardboard

Toilet Rolls, 9 pack, 100% recycled – Plastic wrap (recycle at Sainsbury’s)

Vinegar, Sarson’s distilled White 568ml – Glass Bottle

YOU cleaner refills – A concentrated eco cleaner refill in plastic



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