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Plastic Free Products

a fine choice ltd.
Aberystwyth with love….
Advent Calendars
Alchohol, Mixers & Cocktails
Antisceptic, tooth whitener and mouthwash …
Apple Juice & Leeds Urban Harvest
Apples sticker free
Bakers – Artisan
Barmouth Weigh & Save
bicarb for beauty
Bicarbonate Of Soda
Bicarbonate Of Soda in the house
bin liners
Bird Food
Biscuits homemade Christmas Tree Decorations
Biscuits loose
Black Pine Tar
Bloomers – homemade
Body Butter
Boho Tunic
Bokashi Bins
Bramble Jelly
Bread and bread machines
Brighton HiSbe – How shopping should be
Bubble wrap and jiffy bags
Buckets – metal
Bulgaria & Turkey Back on Track
Buns cases
Butter & Margerine
Buy Disposables
Buy Plastic-Free Beauty Products
Buying On Line
By Category
BYO Toiletries
Candied Peel
Carrier Bags reusable
China & Loas
China 2015 Zero Waste Week
China biscuits
Chocolate – Original Beans
Chocolates and Sweets
Chop Sticks Folding
Christmas Crackers Reusable
Cleaning products – refill system
Cleaning Products homemade
Cleaning products ready made Liquid Cleaners
Cleaning Up
Clothes hangers
Clothes Homemade, Sustainable & Plastic free
Coconut Oil
Coffee Huddersfield
Compost Bin – underground
Compost bin in a kitchen cupboard
Compost Bin the Green Johanna
Compost Bins Comparison
Condoms & Lubricants
Cook Book
Cotton for sewing.
Creams & Lotions – Homemade
Cups BYO
Cutlery – travel
Deli pots PLA compostable
Dental Floss
Deodorant – crystals
Devon Loose Foods
Dishwash Powder
Dog poop bags and composting waste
Drinking chocolate
Ear buds
Earphones plastic reduced and greener plastic
Earth Conscious
Envelopes with plastic windows
Estonia Tallin 2011
Ethical Superstore
Eucaplyptus Oil
Everything Else on Amazon
Fabric Fair trade and Organic fabric
Fabric Offset Warehouse
Fabric Shops
Fake-bake plastic-free
Fast Food / Street Food
Fibres, yarn & fabric
Finland Helsinki
Flat Breads and Maryam Bakery
Flowers by post
Flowers Cut
Flowers home made
Flowers to collect
Food and Drink Plastic-free product Index
Friends who compost…
Frozen Food Loose
Frying Pans
Garden & Pets Catalogue
Greaseproof paper
Greetings cards
Hair Brushes and Combs
Hair Gel and hairspray
Halloween Celebrations
Halloween colouring pages for kids
Halloween labels for bottles
Halloween Outfits
Halloween Witches Hat
Happy Christmas
Headscarf homemade
Health care
Herbs fresh
Highlighter pencils – wooden
Horsham Weigh & Save
Hot to Rot? A Composting Introduction
Hot water bottle cover
House Index
How to …clean your teeth plastic free
How to …drink on the go…plastic free
How To Buy Flowers Plastic Free
How to buy food plastic free
How to cut your plastic trash
How to do it plastic-free
How To Dress Plastic Free
How to Exfoliate Plastic Free
How to get loved up
How to go to the loo plastic free
How to keep pretty plastic free
How to party…plastic free….
How to Scrub Plastic Free
How to travel plastic free
How to wash the pots plastic free…..
How to wrap up plastic-free
How to…menstruate plastic free
Huddersfield and West Yorkshire Loose Foods
Huddersfield Queensgate Market
Huddersfield, Khadims
Ice Cream
India – arambol
India Johdpur
India Plastic Free Trekking Ladakh
India Spitti Valley, Kaza, water bottle refills
India Water Refills
India, Leh
Inhalers Homemade
iPod or iPhone Case Stand
Iran – modify breakfast
Iran – Take a towel….
Iran, Buses & Take Your Own Snacks
Jars & Pots
Juice and juicers
Knickers – fairtrade
Knickers Marks & Spencers
Laundry – baskets
Laundry – recycled plastic
Leeds Dried Fruit, Nuts & Cake Making Supplies
lip balm
London Loose Foods
Loon Pants
Lunch box or tiffin tin
Meaty Treats, Fantasy Fish
Menstrual internal protection reusable
Menstrual needs…
Menstrual Pads – sanitary towels
Milk dispenser
Milk Vending Machine Suffolk
Mincemeat Sweet
Mongolia Plastic free July
mop and bucket
Music & C.Ds
Nail Brush
Natracare Menstrual and Personal Care Products
Needles & Pins
Nepal, Katmandu Steripen
Not In My Bins
Office & Electronics
Oh the Plastic-Free Places We’ve Been
Olive Oil Refill – no more…
Oxford refill shop
Pan Scrub Luffas
Pan Scrubs – Coconut
Pan scrubs Tough
Pancakes & A Plastic- Free Shrove Tuesday
Paper Bags
Party Bags Trick or Treat
Party Products compostable
Peas frozen
Pen refillable/ Compostable Pen
Pencils & pencil sharpeners
Pens – disposable
Penzance Loose Foods
Peppercorns & Star Anise
Perhentians Water Refills
Pet bowls biodegradable
Philippines Water Refills
Plant Labels
Plant Pots Compostable
Plastic we boycott
Porridge Oats
Pot & Bottle Brushes
Produce Bags
Produce Bags Cotton From Spain
Pulses – lentils, beans etc dried
Refill Stores
Ribbons & Ties
Rice – brown, white & arborio
Rubber – PVC free
Rubber Gloves
Salad dressing
Screws & Fittings
Seed – harvested
Seed Compost from Autumn Leaves
Seed pots homemade
Seeds in a clay grenade!
Sew plastic free
Smoked Salmon
Soft / Fizzy drinks
Soft Fruit
Sponge Cloth Biodegradable
Sri Lanka
Sticky tape
Straws – reusable bamboo and more….
Straws Compostable
sugru – mending plastic
Sun block
Supermarkets – All stores product list
Sweeping Up
Sweetcorn Relish
Swimwear Recycled Budgie Smugglers
Talcum Powder
Tampons with applicator – plastic-free
Tea Fruit
Tea Merchants
Thailand Train Trauma
Thailand Trains – we wont be fooled again
Thailand Water Refills
The backpackers coffee press
The Bear Co-op
The MuMu of Modesty
Tiffin Tin
Todmorden Market
Toilet Roll
Tomato ketchup
Tomato puree
Tomatos – tinned, bottled or otherwise packed – an alternative
Toner – skin
Tonic Plastic Reduced
tooth brushes Recycled plastic
Toothbrush Ceba
Toothbrushes – bamboo
Toothpaste, toothpowder, dentifrice
Transiberian Express
Trekking Snacks
Trousers homemade
Truffles made with plastic free cream
Tumblers – steel
Tunic Top – Fair-trade, organic-cotton, plastic-free & homemade
U.K. All over Weigh and Save Shops
U.K. Lidles
Us & The Boycott
Vegware Fast Food Packaging
Vinegar Apple – shop bought, live or home-made
Washing Soda
Washing Up Liquid Soap
Water abroad – is it safe? Find out here…
Water bottles for travelling
Water Bottles reviews
Water cooler
Water Refills Malaysia
Water Refills World Wide
Water steriliser
Watering Cans for young and old (and rich)
Where to buy
Whitby Weigh & Save
Whole Food Market U.K. Chain
Whole Foods Market
Wire Wool
Wrapping paper – cheap & green
Wrapping paper you can plant
Wrapping presents – cloth furoshiki
Yogurt & Yogurt makers
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