Each year a good number of British bloggers signed up for Plastic Free July.

“What” you cry “Live plastic free? for all of July?”

Not quite! It’s all about cutting one use plastic – bottles, bags that kind of thing. However definitions of one use plastic can vary- you can find out more here.



These British bloggers signed up for the challenge. Their blogs are fantastically useful and specially good for local info and resources.

Twitter support group – keep in touch via twitter tag #pfuk.


bin to beach featuredPlasticfree U.K. Directory

I am putting together a directory of plastic less resources. The aim is to share resources. If you are a UK based plasticless  business, organisation or blogger and you want to be in the P-f U.K. directory please send a brief write up. Guidelines here.

Plastic Is Rubbish Support Group

This year I set up a Plastic Is Rubbish facebook group where people share plastic free tips. It’s a great resource.Facebook groupf eatured

 More Resources & Info

Loads of plastic free products here… A to Z of plastic free products

And see all our past posts here

and loads of plastic free products here… A to Z of plastic free products


BLOG STATS As of 01.29.2017 onward have been counting the number people who have read each post.

5 thoughts on “Plastic Free July Participants and Plastic-free bloggers

  1. Good luck to everyone taking part! I don’t think we are sufficiently far down our plastic free road to go totally plastic free in July but I will make a pledge. Might need some help!

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