Is our new category that takes the search work out of anti plastic blogging. It works like this. You want to know how to wash up plastic free?

Cant be bothered scrolling through the A-Z plastic free index for squezy and scrubbers and other  individual items?

Then go straight to HOW TO….

How to make it yourself plastic-free

There comes a point when living plastic-free  means making stuff. Sometime you just cannot buy what you want and so ...
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How to Refill

Imagine a world where you returned your empty milk bottles to be refilled and took your washing up liquid bottle ...
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How to go to the loo plastic free

There comes a time in every plastivists life when there really is no alternative – what you want only comes ...
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Scour, Scrub & Wipe

Although I use natural cleaning products like soap, bicarbonate of soda and occasionally Ecover cleaning products, I prefer not to ...
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Tea; leaves, pots and strainers

These days most of us automatically reach for the teabags but is that really the best choice? Certainly not from ...
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Buy On Line Plastic Free

One of the real joys of buying #plasticfree is sourcing the stuff in local shops. The excitement when you see ...
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How to wrap gifts plastic-free

Which wrap should you choose? Well we prefer reusables over all else so here are some wraps you can use ...
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How to party…plastic free….

Organising a big bash? Nipping off out to buy some paper plates? WAIT!!! Given the choice between washing up and disposable ...
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This is an introduction to why you might want to and how you can start sewing plastic free. If you ...
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Disposables compostable

Sometime you need a disposable - wether its a compostable bag for the butcher, biodegradable paper cups for the office ...
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Microbeads.... the newest way to exfoliate. These tiny particles, or microbeads, scrub away at the skin supposedly leaving it wonderfully ...
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Cut Your Plastic

Because oil derived plastics are cheap, plentiful and versatile we use them for just about everything including one use throwaway ...
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Crossing land borders in South East Asia has been unusually stressful this trip thanks to the big bag of  white ...
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How to wash the pots plastic free…..

By Hand...Sigh Washing up liquid and I use Ecover  in a refillable plastic bottle. I know the bottle is plastic but ...
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Personal Care

People are always asking me how I stay so young and lovely looking with no plastic in my bathroom cabinet ...
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Clean your teeth

Cleaning your teeth involves so much plastic what with the tooth brushes and tubes of toothpaste. And even plastic in ...
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How to drink plastic free

Paper Cup? Nooooo plastic lined! Consider bringing your own. Here are some funky options. Plastic Pints Grim! Try a steel ...
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How to buy food plastic free

If you want to  shop plastic-free then you need to take your own packaging. Seems like a lot of bother? ...
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Plastic In Menstrual Products

Those disposable pads and tampons? Not cotton wool as you might have thought but plastic. Sigh! Why? Along with cotton ...
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How To Make Personal Care Products

It is so easy to make your own personal care products and the advantages are huge;  you get to control ...
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How To Buy Flowers Plastic Free

You don't even want to know how many plastic wrapped roses we are going to get through on this one ...
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