Want to make your own plastic-free compost for growing seeds in? Using only this years fallen leaves?
OK its not a quick process, you are planning 2 years ahead here, but it is free – cash free as well as plastic free. Well if you use a metal bin.

Gather up the  fallen leaves
Keep them dark and dry for a while

I use a bin with a tight fitting lid and leave them for 2 years. If I was a real purist I would use a metal bin. However I actually use a plastic bin because that is what I have got.
You can also use a plastic bag. Gasp.

The result is a fine crumbly mould that can be used for your seedlings. Really it’s as simple as that – but for those of you who like know more there are detailed instructions here and here


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you can buy galvanised bins like these from Amazon and  eBay


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2 thoughts on “Seed Compost

  1. You might also consider throwing in the occasional spadeful of soil in with leaves. This speeds things up a bit and makes for a richer compost

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