2018 02 February

Plastic Free…This Month


There’s a new hashtag in town #plasticfreebruary. Not sure who is organising it but head on over to Twitter to join in and share your plastic free tips. I will be posting everyday @plasticSrubbish. I would love to tell you more about this project would but I am away from reliable internet access. So anyone knows any thing please let me know.

If you think this is rather short notice you might be interested to read about the other plastic free initiatives. There’s also a U.K. plastic free lent and June and a worldwide plasticfree July. Get planning.

Guest Post

Of course every month is plastic free for me. Which often means getting crafty. Sometimes when you want something plastic free you need to make it yourself. Out of wool. I’m rather new to this crafting lark, so delighted to have a guest post on this most natural of fibres.

Here’s a quick reminder


Fibres are short fine hairs that can be twisted or spun into longer thread or yarn. This may be woven or knitted into fabric.
Fibres (and then yarns and ultimately fabrics) can be can be natural, synthetic (plastic) or chemically produced hybrid called regenerated fibres. Read more about them here

You can read Jan’s post on natural yarns HERE

And you can see all our handicrafty posts here. Read how to make makeup, cleaning and personal hygiene products, to sew and cook all #plasticfree HERE


If you are interested in writing a guest post you can find some guidelines HERE

Sign Up

Remove all plastic from tea bags to ensure they are fully bio-degradable/compostable.
Why is this important?
Unilever owns PG Tips, the UK’s most popular cup of tea. Let’s call on them to remove ALL plastics from tea bags – it is usually polypropylene. Teabags won’t completely biodegrade if they have plastic in them.


Over 2 million avoidable single-use plastic items were used by the Parliament in 2017.
It’s time for MPs to get their house in order.
Join our new campaign and challenge your MP to support a Plastic Free Parliament.


Get ready for

Valentines Day 14th

It’s the big one of course! Valentine’s Day approaches.  We have got plastic free candles to set the mood, flowers without the wrap, chocolates,  sweets and cards. Even a few ideas for trash free gifts.
If your plastic-free sweetie is also a minimalist, there are some nice alternative ideas!
And if all this does the trick, some plastic reduced condoms you can compost.
Too much info?
Head on over here to get loved up!

Keep well

Got the sniffles? That’s not so sexy. Try a reusable inhalers and eucalyptus oil. Breath easily and cut the trash.
Stop chapped lips with this home made lip balm. It really works! With refillable tubes or metal tins.

Pancake Day

February 28 is Shrove Tuesday and you are going to make pancakes. Check out these plastic-free cakes fried in a plastic-free non stick pan. Yum!


While it is still a bit cold to be out there, thoughts now turn to the garden and the seeds that need to be sown for the coming year.
You need to start planning ahead for plastic free seedlings.
You can buy plastic-free seeds and find instructions on how to make your own paper seedling pots here Plus other great plastic free garden related products.

Planning Next Month

The life #plasticless needs forward planing

Plastic Free Lent
Lent 2017 begins on Wednesday, March 1 and ends on Thursday, April 13
Last year some folk are took part in a plastic free Lent. I would love to tell you more about this project but I don’t know a great deal myself. It is organised by people in Bristol (I am pretty sure of that) and has run for a couple of years now. It has a great FB page.
Here’s some blurb “Welcome to the Lent Plastic Challenge. A group for all those who are ready to challenge themselves and take on the pesky single-use plastics that pile up in our modern life.
To support your challenge, each week we will have different theme. So you can start off in the first week with one item and build up gradually”
Hooray for them.

Mothers Day March 

Now the madness that is Valentines Day is out of the way you can start thinking about Mothers Day and here are some excellent ideas on what to get the old dear and how to wrap it up.

The Rest Of The Year 

Read more about our plasticfree year HERE


On the radio…

So over the last two days I have done to radio interviews about plastic rubbish. Which is two more radio interviews and I have ever done in my life. BBC Leeds was first. When they contacted me, I didn’t quite understand that they wanted to interview me. I thought they were looking for background information. We arranged to chat as I thought. But when they called it was to record me. Cripes.

I had prepared all the usual information including data on sneaky plastics. That is plastics where you might not expect them…. such as tampons. And I failed to change the script. Indeed it hardly occurred to me that this might be a difficult subject. When you live in the #plasticfree the world you get used to discussing everything.
As plastic gets everywhere.
And this is one of the most unsettling aspect of plastic for me. That a product that we know leaches chemicals is being used in the most intimate places. Long story short I talked menstrual products.

Luckily this interview was pre-recorded and they cut out to my waffle about tampons. For which I am grateful. Yes it needs to be discussed but no, I am not sure that the good people of Leeds are ready for chatter about lady gardens over breakfast. Indeed, in my experience, chatter about lady gardens, (and the maintaining thereof), is often met with a cool reception!

The second interview was live with radio Humberside. By now I had realised my mistake and instead talked teabags. Yes they do contain plastic. Sigh!

Oh its so stressful being an activist. I do hope that they ban non-biodegradable, oil-derived plastics soon; I don’t think I can take much more.

You can hear my interviews here
BBC Leeds the Liz Green show 8.00 am. Link here. Right at the beginning.

And here
Radio Humberside 1:08 into the program.


Watch out for Sneaky Plastics –  in places you might not have known about.

You can see my other forays into media HERE.


Anything But Plastic Online Shop

Anything But Plastic sells alternatives to plastic products in order to reduce everyday plastic consumption and help tackle plastic pollution. As well as trying to provide plastic free alternatives, this shop wants its customers to make informed purchases and promote sustainable buying practices.

The aim of Anything But Plastic is to bring together as many as possible of the individual brands and companies that produce plastic free alternative products and provide a platform of convenience for the average consumer to purchase these goods. Cutting down on plastic should not have to be hard, inconvenient or time consuming. With this site I hope to get rid of these obstacles, which will hopefully bring about some positive change and make going plastic-free an easy choice.


This shop sells plastic free floss… and you know how hard that is to find.

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And the Pf U.K. Directory is…?
…a directory of UK-based groups, organisations businesses and individuals who are responding to the problems presented by the misuse of plastic. That does not mean anti-plastic necessarily but certainly plastic-problem aware.

The DIRECTORY is to promote their fantastic work. Read more here…

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