Easter egg makers are far more environmentally aware than they used to be and it is now possible to buy plastic free eggs if you look for them.

An even greener option is to have a reusable, refillable egg. For example…

You can buy wooden eggs like these on Ebay which you can decorate yourself.

If your decorating skills leave something to be desired you could try these Beatrix Potter lovelies also found on Ebay.

Then you fill them with sweets and chocolates….yum!

Sweets & Chocolate

You can still buy sweets loose in shops and even some supermarkets. I have seen those pastel chocolate eggs available which are of course ideal.

Or if you are feeling ambitious you try your hand at #plasticfree truffles – egg shaped of course.



Flowers are always a lovely way to celebrate Easter for older or less chocolate orientated people.

Not used this company but plan to do so. The flowers are lovely – see here.  And so is the delivery! Answer to a request for info… let me know how you get on plastic free lovers.

there is no plastic in our packaging. The flowers are wrapped in craft paper and we use Rafia to tie them.

There are lots more options here

BLOG STATS As of 01.29.2017 onward have been counting the number people who have read each post. WHY CUT PLASTIC About 100 million tons of plastic are produced each year and much of it is used to make one-use, disposable items. Because plastic doesn't biodegrade these items, though only used for moments can last for decades, centuries, possibly forever. We are creating ever lasting rubbish in unsustainable amounts. It is polluting the environment, maiming even killing animals, poisoning fish and may be poisoning us.

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