2018 January

Happy new year dear ones. Love to all and hope this year is everything you wish it to be. Need ...
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2017 12 December

This month we are Making sweet mince for pies Singing landfill carols Last minute preps for a plastic-free Christmas So ...
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2017 11 November

While travelling I’ve been buying locally made fabrics for next years outfits. I have been through India, Japan and Thailand ...
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2017 10 October

Because plastic is too scary - even for Halloween Whhhooo oooo Yes its time for spooks, ghouls and zombies to ...
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2017 09 September

More Milk Buying milk straight from the farm is one way to make sure crisis-hit dairy producers get a fair ...
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2017 08 August

Summer and it's time for high tea with Strawberry jam and scones First pick your strawberries. Unless you have been ...
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2017 07 July

Hello and welcome to July. This month sees us back from Japan and hanging out on a beach in Thailand ...
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2017 06 June

Hello there. We are now in Japan where it is suprisingly green. Lots more trees than I expected. We are ...
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2017 05 May

Here we go gathering nuts in May talking of which did you know they did loose nuts in Lidles? Of ...
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2017 04 April

News The great May Give Away. Plastic Is Rubbish has teamed up withDo Your Bit and in May will be ...
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2017 03 March

In this post you can read about New Stuff News & Events Plastic Free...This Month Planning Next Month New  Found a ...
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2017 00 Calendar & Events

As well as boycotting plastic in your daily life there are an increasing number of campaigns you can support. In ...
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2017 The main events


11th & 12th of March

Bea Johnson author of the book Zero Waste Home is coming to town – well 2 towns actually.

12th March Unpackaged is proud to present, for the first time in London, Bea Johnson – the founder of the Zero Waste Movement. We will be hosting her inspirational talk, Q&A and book signing in Bloomsbury, Central London. On the night we will also be highlighting innovative projects and brands in our exclusive Zero Waste showcase.  Read more here…

On the 11th March Bea will speaking in Bristol see the Eventbrite website (where you can buy tickets)
There will also be a talk from our very own Michelle. One of the first plasticvists campaigning.

About Bea
Bea Johnson lives in the USA, She  “and her family are dedicated to living a Zero Waste lifestyle; they generate a mere jar of waste per year. Through her blog and with her book, Zero Waste Home, Bea inspires a growing international community to live simply and take a stance against needless waste. Her passion and positive outlook have earned her appearances on TV and in publications around the world. Grand prize winner of “The Green Awards” in 2011, she regularly speaks at universities, corporate events and conferences. She has become the spokesperson for the Zero Waste lifestyle or, as The New York Times puts it: “The Priestess of Waste-Free Living”.


Sign Up

Surfers Against Sewage have just put out a petition which I think we all should sign….
Stop marine plastic pollution by introducing a small, refundable deposit on all plastic bottles, glass bottles and cans to recycle the 16 million plastic bottles thrown away every day.
Why is this important?
In the UK we use a staggering 38.5 million single-use plastic bottles and a further 58 million cans every day! Only half of these are recycled, so it’s no surprise that many of these end up on our beaches and in our oceans.

Plastic bottles take 450 years to break down, killing marine life, harming the coastal ecosystem and ruining our beaches.
Placing a small deposit on plastic bottles and cans would dramatically increase recycling and reduce marine plastic pollution.
For full information on deposit return systems please visit Surfers Against Sewage’s Message In A Bottle campaign site. 

I know nobody uses pens, or paper petitions come to that – but if you ever do want to write something try these… 

Plastic Free…This Month

Featuring plastic free fruit and veg – an update


Save Our Bottles
In 2015 I started a petition asking Diary Crest to reconsider their decision to phase out refillable glass bottle for doorstep deliveries. In December I received this message from Milk & More (Diary Crest)

“glass milk bottles will continue to be delivered until at least April 2017. This date may be pushed back further. Many thanks.”

Good news for now but I will continue to promote the petition. If you haven’t signed yet please consider doing so.

If we cannot produce more (and we are rapidly running out of resources), we have to consume less. And consume more fairly. This is how the equation works for me

  • We cannot exceed current levels of production
  • We cannot expect others to want less than we have.
  • Therefore we can only consume our global share

What’s a global share? 

If all the fabric created annually was shared out equelly amongst the global population

11.74 kg per person of which 3.8 kg is natural fibres. You can check my figures here.

Last year I used 3.5 kg of natural fibres and 3.2kg of synthetics. You can see what that looks like here.


This year I will be doing the same with hopefully a lot less synthetics.

Back HomeBeen on the road for much of last year. I am looking forward to getting back home, ordering some fabric from Offset Warehouse and getting sewing….

We can make a more meaningful world….

A take on modern life…  a tad gloomy but worth bearing in mind and beautifully expressed.


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