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In October 2006, I gave up rubbish plastic and began sourcing sustainable, plastic-free alternatives. In January 2007 I started  the Plastic Is Rubbish blog to help individuals reduce their plastic use.

It offers information about plastic, it’s many uses and the environmental damage caused by it’s misuse and over consumption. It includes a (growing), catalogue of over 300 plastic-free alternatives to daily use items, lifestyle hacks and a directory of plastic aware initiatives.

It has been featured in various newspaper and magazines including the Guardian, Gadling Travel and BBC Blogs. I have written a series of articles on this and other environmental issues for The Huddersfield Examiner.


I live in Yorkshire, with my husband and but without kids or animals. We shop at supermarkets when we have to, eat meat and drink alcohol. Giving up is not in nature. We want to do everything just without creating a huge pile of non-biodegradable, possibly carcinogenic, animal-killing rubbish that future generations will have to clean up.

So we gave up unnecessary plastic. Not to cut it completely, you will only get the Dyson when you pry it from my cold, dead hands, but to stop abusing and misusing plastic.
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The boycott began with a simple premise in response to an increased awareness of plastic rubbish. We wanted to know how much plastic could we cut? We started by sourcing plastic free alternatives to everyday plastic products. Back then we didn’t know much about plastic and though primarily in terms of bags and crisp wrappers. We didn’t know for example that plastic was used to line tin cans of food or that it came in liquid form as a glue.
As our boycott progressed we learnt more about plastic. We now blog under several different headings. Please note we are still learning and still cutting plastic.

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About Plastic  everything you need to know about plastic and somethings you wish you didn’t
Bad Plastic – why you need to cut your plastic consumption
Cut plastic – how to cut unnecessary plastic out of your life & meet the other people doing it.
Links & Projects –links to other plastic free people, the U.K. directory and out other projects
Us & The Boycott –About us the blog and the boycott rules
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The Boycott  

We don’t hate all plastic. Rather we think it is a wonderful product being badly abused.

The Plastic We Boycott
So while long-lasting plastic products have an important role to play, using plastic to make one-use, throwaway objects that become everlasting litter is dumb. We cut unnecessary non-biodegradable plastics. This includes

      • Single use throwaway items like bags, packaging and bottles,
      • Items for which there is a viable natural alternative like cotton
      • Synthetic fibers wherever possible
      • Plastic lined tins, paper and metal lids
      • Silly stuff that irritates us
      • Sneaky plastics in places you might not have thought of.
      • You can read more here….The Plastic We Use
        Plastic Is Best – the best material for the application and has been used to make long lasting high quality durable and essential products. Join us in the debate.
        Plastic That Cuts Plastic – when using plastic reduces the use of plastic.
        Greener plastics like cornstarch and compostable plastics.
        Weak Willed – there is no alternative and I am weak.
        Read more hereRecycling Illustrations
        We are not anti-all-plastic. We use long lasting multi use plastic and believe it should go on to be recycled.
        But recycling should only be used occasionally as an end of life treatment not as a regular method of waste disposal. (N.B. We believe this to be true of other materials too such as glass).
        Recycling is no solution to everlasting rubbish just a better form of waste disposal. On our bad days we consider it practically greenwashing.
        We tackle the waste at source by boycotting unnecessary plastic. We want to be able to deal with most of our waste ourselves. If it cant be reused, composted or burnt we don’t care for it. We want no trash in our black bin and no trash in our recycle bin.
      • Our other projects
        We do lots more stuff you can see them here


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