I always feel a sense of wonderment when I make something that turns out as good a shop bought but it looks like shop bought but it taste like shop bought sometimes actually it’s way better than shop bought anyway in that letter in that category falls my home-made sweet mincemeat which is so easy to make answer and looks just like the real thing

Here are some more fantastic waste free ideas for Christmas


Nothing sets the mood quite as well as candles but it is hard to find plastic free candles. Most come in a protective plastic wrap ...
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Christmas Crackers Reusable

As they sound - a cracker that can be used over and over again. Probably not completely plastic free, (those ribbons look synthetic), but ...
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How to wrap gifts plastic-free

Which wrap should you choose? Well we prefer reusables over all else so here are some wraps you can use over and over again ...
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Sticky Tape

Sellotape gets right up my nose. Everything biodegradable on my presents except for that sticky little glistening strip. Now some of you may be ...
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How to party…plastic free….

Organising a big bash? Nipping off out to buy some paper plates? WAIT!!! Given the choice between washing up and disposable partyware, the answer may ...
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Advent Calendars

Covered in plastic and  full of trashy sweets, they just add to the huge amounts of Christmas rubbish. So here are a few plastic ...
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Glitter biodegradable

Yes you can get biodegradable glitter and this Etsy company sell it in compostable packaging. Yay! Overview Handmade item Materials: Biodegradable Film, Certified as ...
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Drinks- Alchohol, cocktails & mixers index

Plastic free booze is hard to find....glup!!!!. But as giving up IS NOT AN are our best choices.... The Plastic In Booze Metal caps ...
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Tricky but not impossible. Did you know they did loose pistachios in Lidles? At least they did last time I looked. Surprisingly,  Lidles have ...
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Candied Peel

Needed for fruit cakes, christmas puds and mince pies but not so easy to get plastic free. Here are your options... The Nut Shop ...
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Biscuits homemade Christmas Tree Decorations

While in Spain I visited Lidles and I came across a set of festive biscuit cutters in a cardboard box.  They might have them ...
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Mincemeat Sweet

No more jars with their plastic-lined, metal lids for me! So what with Christmas coming  I need to make my own sweet mincemeat for my ...
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