There are many out there who find that plastic is becoming a problem and so have done something about it. Anti plastic  campaigns range from  specific issues such as banning plastic bags to the more general anti litter protests. Those I have come accross are listed here. Feel free to add.

Plastic Refuseniks – bloggers

New kids on the blog

Rosies Ecoblog U.K.

“The second school of thought is not just Zero-waste to landfill, but Zero waste at all.” Well said and this means of course going plastic-trash free. Follow her on her year with out plastic, with kids! Yikes!

Being PALL
PALL – Plastic A Lot Less – your lifestyle!Michelle can provide you with the valuable service how to start to PALL your work place, PALL your school, PALL your home, PALL birthday or wedding celebration, and PALL the area you live in.Michelle has been living PALL since 2008 and has considerable experience helping business and individuals become PALL. Please see CV for full details.

365 2lessplastic

Every day of the year thoughts and ideas on how to make our lives plasticLess! In greek and in english language.

Thessaloniki, Greece
Plastic-Free Tuesday:
One day a week no plastic purchases or waste! Dutch website 


plastic free July bloggers

UK refuseniks

Plastic Free U.K. Directory #P-f U.K.


All over the place


Being PALL

By Country


Plastic-Free July

The Rogue Ginger


Kein Heim für Plastik


Plastic Free 2014

Plastic Free 2013

Plastic Manners

Plastic-Free Girl


A Year Without Buying Plastic

The Non-Plastic Maori


Norway Simply


Plastico Mata



WasteWatchers: Reducing Plastic Waste One Day at a Time

PlasticLess NYC

Beyond Plastic

Rise Above Plastics Blog

My Plastic Free Life

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