You might not have expected to hear this over at a plastic boycott blog but there are a lot of plastic products I have no intention of giving up.
Using plastic to make one-use, throwaway objects that then become everlasting litter is dumb and I  hate it when plastic is used to make a product for which there is a viable, natural, longer-lasting, better wearing alternative such as metal mop buckets,  cotton shirts and wooden spade handles.
We boycott non-biodegradable plastics used to make throwaway and semi-disposable items. This includes

However there are still some plastics we use

There are some plastics I have no intention of giving up. My computer obviously. Just to be clear,  I don’t dislike plastic, I dislike the misuse of plastic. There are many good reasons to use plastic but it has to be used properly.

I use plastic products when

  • Plastic Is Best – the best material for the application and has been used to make long lasting high quality durable and essential products.
  • Plastic That Cuts Plastic – when using plastic reduces the use of plastic.
  • Greener plastics.
  • Weak Willed – there is no alternative and I am weak.
  • Medical plastics.

Plastic Is Best

Strong, durable, light weight, long-lasting and cheap, plastics are integral to the development and production of products that have changed the world for the better. Furthermore to replace all plastic products with” natural” alternatives would place a huge strain on the environment.

I use plastics when I think they are the best option but I have strict guidelines for how I use them. I will only use long-lasting, high-quality, durable products that are essential. Ideally they will be made from a safe and easily recyclable plastic that is clearly marked as such. Better still they will be made from recycled plastic.

And of course ones mans essential is another mans frippery. It’s an ongoing debate.

Check out the plastic we use here.


Plastic that cuts plastic

Making plastic free products where the ingredients come plastic packed or buying in bulk to cut packaging. Both of which represent a massive reduction in plastic consumption compared to buying ready made –you can read more about my plastic compromises here

Greener Plastics

I am happy to use certified compostable plastic  and use numerous PLA plastic products.

Weak Willed & Family Unity

There are some plastic wrapped foods and booze ( plastic lined tonic tins, plastic corks in wine) I cannot give up. But by continuing to campaign for real disposable packaging I am hoping that one day I will be able to eat these things guilt free. You can see the plastic food we eat here and the plastic booze (and some great alternatives), here.

Future Plastics

Rather than boycotting all plastics I believe we should be discussing
• How to produce greener plastics in a manner less damaging to the environment,
• What we choose to use plastic for
• How we harvest and reuse all the components, including plastic, at the end of a product’s life.


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  1. I try to be conscious of not using plastic, but still end up with a huge re-cycling bag at the end of the week. Will be more vigilant as it is easy to forget. Thanks, Christine xxxxxxx

  2. Welcome to the wonderful world of plastic free living – Once you get started it really isn’t so hard – tho it seems daunting at first. Do check out the facebook page as well there are numerous links there to plastic free projects. If you have a plastic free page link up with us. Thanks for dropping by x

  3. Looking forward to exploring more, and working out your solutions. A zero waste home is my goal, and a lot so far is food’s plastic packaging… like cheese and grab and go meats… hope to gain some guidance from you and your community.

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