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What Are Refill Stores?

Bulk buy or refill stores are places you can buy food loose.You take as much as you want/need from a larger container and you can usually use your own packaging.


While these shops provide bags and they are almost always plastic ones. You will need to take your own plastic-free /reusable bags, tubs and bottles.


The weight of the container may make a difference at checkout. Some shops  subtract the tare weight but other don’t. The tare weight is the weight of the empty container.

Barmouth Weigh & Save

Travelled on to Barmouth on the Welsh coast. It was hot and sunny and the tourists were out in force. I don’t like it like that. I only stayed  for the excellent weigh and save shop (read more about them here…)  called the Weigh Out

This sold (amongst other stuff), loose

  • pasta
  • powdered milk
  • cystalised ginger
  • cocoa
  • roasted peanuts
  • dried fruit
  • sunflower seeds
  • bran flakes


KathrynH ( had this to say “Just noticed that our Holland& Barrett store in Bath has some loose items (mostly nuts) but you can also buy, and then refill, bulk oils in glass jars. It’s quite a large store but wondered if other branches were doing the same?”


Weigh & Save

Brighton HiSbe

We’re an independent supermarket standing up for how it Should be. We help people cut down on plastic packaging by selling many items by weight, including fruit, veg, pasta, rice, sugar, lentils, cous cous, porridge oats and chocolate buttons!

HiSbe Website

Also in Brighton is the fabulous Ecothrifty – her blog is a great resource.


Bristol has a few: Scoop away- and Wild Oats – Also worth mentioning if you’re a member of Bristol university or affiliated in any way there’s an amazing food co-op which is worth checking out:


Weigh & Save


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Sometimes supermarkets can surprise you – check out the plastic-free and reduced packaging products here.

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You can find a list of all other plastic free products over at the A to Z

You can find other loose food outlets here …

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  1. Bath store – NewLeaf HealthFoods, 29 Shaftesbury Road, Bath, BA2 3LJ

    Happy to preweigh your container with what you are going to fill it with. Bulk bins of nuts, flour, sugar, grains, dried fruit and more. Loose herbs and spices. Ecover refills.

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