Back in October 2006 we gave up plastic, began sourcing biodegradable alternatives and blogging about. You can see our huge list of plastic resources here…

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Cleaning Up

Disposables & Reusables & Refills

Food & Drink
Food and Drink posts organised by category
The three levels of plastic free food
Bags & Packaging – how to get your loose foods homes.
Loose food  shops selling loose, food that normally comes plastic packaged ie rice, pasta and salt.

Check out plastic free booze here.

General & Home Made

General  stuff that multitasks or is difficult to categorise
Homemade sometimes if you want plastic free you just got to make it!

High Days & Celebrations
All Posts
Valentines Birthday / Mothers / chocolates and flowers kind of day

How to wrap plastic-free

Home  By Category
Garden – come and hang out in our virtual potting shed & compost with us

Wo/m/animal People & Animals
Wardrobe Index
Personal Care Products All Posts
animals & pets


By Task
Want to know how to wash up plastic free? Can’t be bothered looking through the A-Z index?
Check out these work sheets.

Buy shops
Loose Food FillSupermarkets & Chainstores 
West Yorkshire
U.K shops for other people

Make Index

Composting – It’s the future


Back on the Road

      • In the Pack
      • Plastic Free Places Abroad
      • Water refills

How to back pack plastic free

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