Back in October 2006 we gave up plastic, began sourcing biodegradable alternatives and blogging about. You can see our huge list of plastic free  resources here…

BY Plastic Free Product

Cleaning up.

Disposables & Reusables & Refills

Food & Drink

Food and Drink from alcohol to zucchinis, supermarkets to making this is  your guide to eating plastic free

Bags & Packaging – how to get your loose foods homes.
Loose food  shops selling loose, food that normally comes plastic packaged ie rice, pasta and salt.

How to start The three levels of plastic free food
Cookbook  – how to cook!

General & Home Made

General  stuff that multitasks or is difficult to categorise
Homemade sometimes if you want plastic free you just got to make it!

High Days & Celebrations

Index – with links to posts on 
Halloween, Christmas and other Special Days
Valentines Birthday / Mothers / chocolates and flowers kind of day
Wrapping and cards

And more…


Home and house related
Garden – come and hang out in our virtual potting shed  or have a go at  composting. 
Office – need a plastic free rubber? Give us a try!

Wo/m/animal People & Animals

Wardrobe Index
Personal Care Products
animals & pets


By Task
Want to know how to wash up plastic free? Can’t be bothered looking through the A-Z index?
Check out these work sheets.

Buy shops
Loose Food FillSupermarkets & Chainstores 
West Yorkshire
U.K shops for other people

Make Index

Composting – It’s the future


Back on the Road

      • In the Pack
      • Plastic Free Places Abroad
      • Water refills

How to back pack plastic free

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  1. You can buy them in a whole range of supermarkets. Guess you missed the some suppliers can be found here link? It takes you to an Amazon store I set up ages ago but no longer update . It may be out of date but will direct you to other suppliers. You can also try the plasticisrubbish facebook page. Loads of up to date info there. There are also a load on eBay. Thanks for droppping by.

  2. This is so frustrating. Loads of info but you search this blog for one link to a retailer of bio-bags.

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