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How to make it plastic free
The Fair Share Fabric Project
The Campaign For Real Litter
Gallery – a lot of dirty pictures

Links To Other Plastic Free People & Projects

Blimey could it be that the battle is over? Not the battle against plastic but the battle to raise awareness. When I started my boycott, Envirowoman was the only anti-plastic voice out there in the blogosphere. The first of the plastic boycotters, she inspired me to change my ways. Now there re hundreds of us…..

People & Groups

Here is a list of people blogging about plastic-free the world over.
Plastic Free UK Directory  is a  directory featuring plastic aware people businesses  and campaigns

Social Media
I have 2 Facebook pages I have just recently started a Facebook group. The pages highlight the problems of plastic pollution and the people tackling it but I wanted something more interactive.
Plastic Is Rubbish–  group, join, share, rant, post. A resource for plastic less living. As the interest in zero waste and plastic free living grows we need a space to pool resources  – especially in the U.K. where we don’t have bulk stores and finding unpackaged produce is so much harder. I hope that people will use it to share plastic free info and lifestyle hacks. Join us here.
Planet Trash – A page of images showing  plastic pollution the world over plus one of the biggest list of anti plastic groups on Facebook.
You can find a full list of places featured here.
Plastic Free U.K. a page showing the U.K. based plastic free finds I come accross
PlasticSrubbish is our Twitter page which has a lot of links to useful people and worthwhile projects.

Projects & Partnering

There is no doubt a plastic free lifestyle leads to all manner of new challenges. Plastic is so ubiquitous you have to question all aspects of your lifestyle; what you wear, what you eat, what you will give up and what you won’t. You a get to develop a whole new skill set. If you want fake tan you have to learn how to make it.
But giving up plastic also makes you question other more political issues. If you give up on plastic how are you going to provide cheap clothing for 7 billion for example? Can we really go back to growing everything we need and mining all our resources? We partner with and support with other projects with similar values to our own

The Fair Share Fabric Project  using only my global share of fibres & fabrics.
Homesteading – home-made products
Composting – the only way to deal with trash. Which means all trash should be compostable eading us to
The Campaign For Real Litter

Gallery – a lot of dirty pictures

Plastic Free July
Waste Less Live More Week
Zero Waste Week

As Seen In

I have written for, and been featured in, various publications. You can see them here.

Plastic-free MasterChef – yes from the telly!

Very excited to be featured in a write up on plastic-free catering by the by the Hungry Gecko AKA Jackie Kearney. Plastic free family travel Jackie and family, (husband, Lee ...
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Sew Plasticky Obsessed – guest post

Was delighted and rather flattered when the wonderful Offset Warehouse asked me to guest post. This fantastic company sell organic, fair-trade fabrics, proper cotton on a wooden reel (very hard ...
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Rubbish Diet Guest Post

Was delighted to guest blog for the Rubbish Diet. This great project started as a blog  by Karen Cannard ( also PfreeU.K. member) and is a now a nationwide project. It ...
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Something Brilliant….

Are you doing something fantastic? Want to shout about it? Encourage others to join in? This is the site for you. We’re on a mission to inspire the people of ...
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Happy to have a post about going plasticless featured in Henpicked. Henpicked is an online magazine “about sharing the wisdom of women”. Any cheek from you lot and you are ...
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Keep Britain Tidy

Very pleased to have the blog featured up on the Waste Less Live More website . It is up there alongside some really impressive projects. The Waste Less Live More ...
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Guardian So pleased that Plastic is Rubbish  got featured as the Guardians sustainable blog of the week last week.  You can read the interview her Guardian green blogs have put together ...
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Some Super Blogs

Miss Minimalist Ecothrifty I am very honoured to have been featured in some of my favourite blogs including (but not all... I will get round to it!)..... Miss Minimalist I ...
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The Observer Ethical Awards

Last night I had a great time at the Green Oscars....whaoh there, before you get too excited, it was only as a guest - not to get an award! This ...
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Green Parenting

Got a nice write up in Green Parenting this month. Inspiring people who have gone plastic free Polythene Pam and Village Boy, a pair of bloggers from Yorkshire have documented their ...
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#Plastic picking – where we pick up plastic rubbish where ever we find it

Trash Reduction & minimalism and what to do with your rubbish

Save Our Bottles



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