Over the last few years I have been tracking clothing consumption. At the end of 2014 I did a wardrobe inventory. I had 45 items of clothing counting all my pairs of sock separately but all knickers as one item. Every else was counted individually.

Why the counting?In 2015 I pledged to  use no more than my fair global share of fibres and they have to be sustainably sourced. I wanted to see what I already had and what I would consequently need to purchase, make or craft out of foraged balckberries.
Whats a global share? 11.74 kg per person of which 3.8 kg is natural fibres.  You can check my figures here.
Whats Sustainable Clothing? You can read my clothing manifesto here
Activities I realise that clothes are dependant on lifestyle so I have included a history for each year outlining what we did.

I bought 3.15 kg of natural fibre products and 3.2 kg of synthetic fibres. (Not all clothing).


Got home in May. Parked the van ( after living in it for a year) and planned our next trip. To see Mongolia. We left the U.K. in May and travelled from Kazakhstan to Indonesia. Mostly overland only flying when there was no alternative to places where the ferries no longer run – sigh.
My clothes had to see me through monsoon, snow and blazing tropical heat. I attended a couple of reasonably smart parties. As I worked online I didn’t need a office clothes.
I made most of my backpacking wardrobe before I left. N.B. being on the road doesnt mean I can’t sew. I made my headscarf and backpackers bloomers while traveling.


Wore Out
Cotton Cargo Pants bought Summer 2014 Mountain Warehouse- dreadful purchase fell apart in less than a year.
Corduroy Trouser bought autumn 2014 Marks & Spencers worn almost continually in the autumn and winter of 2015. Died in the Spring of 2015 in China. Not exactly long lasting but one shouldn’t expect too much from corduroy and they did get worn a lot!

1 blue patterned Teeshirt. Bought 2013 Singapore lost by the laundry in 2015 Thailand

Gifted & Bought

  • Cashmere cardigan gifted (got lucky!)
  • Blue teeshirt cotton gifted


I had to buy a new raincoat to replace the stupid, non-weatherproof rubbish I got from T.K.Max.

Terms Explained

By gifted I mean something that people have passed on to me because they no longer want it. Second hand but not purchased.
When I say cotton/ natural fibres to describe shop bought, that doesn’t include buttons and other such stuff which will almost certainly be synthetic. As might be the thread used to sew the fabric. Clothes may even contain 5% synthetic fibres to maintain shape.
Sorry if that seems evasive but this is a broad brush introduction. Over the next few months I hope to refine the information but you will have probably lost interest by then!
Unless you are talking about my own homemade clothes where I can tell you exactly what plastic has been used.



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