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We’re a micro coffee roastery based in Nottingham. We roast all of our coffee in very small batches to order. Our environmental and ethical values guide us in how we run our business. We have a zero waste to landfill policy informs our purchasing decisions and use only 100% recycled and recyclable paper packaging and labels for our coffee. At events when serving hot coffee, we use both ceramic reusable cups and fully compostable takeaway cups.


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Loose Foods?

Anyone who lives in the U.K.  knows how hard it is to buy staple food like rice, pasta or cocoa loose and unpackaged. Do you know how long it took me to track down some plastic free cocoa? But I did.

To save you the stress of cocoa free nights,  I am putting, together a list of stores that sell loose products (of the type that normally come packaged), that allow you to use your own (plastic free), packaging to take it home in.
Just to reiterate… these shops do provide bags – plastic ones. You will need to take your own plastic-free /reusable bags & packaging. Find out where to get them, here.


Many thanks to Vicky for this….”I have been trying to reduce my plastic use, and struggling to find places local to where I live, on the Wirral. I have managed to find a weigh & save shop in Wallasey, it goes by the name Cake Creations, 216 Liscard Rd, Wallasey CH44 5TN
It would be great if you could list this on your site as I really struggled to find it. The lady is lovely and weighs my own jars first, notes the weight then lets me fill them and weighs again. They have a range of cereals, lentils, nuts, dried fruit, sugars, spices, there really is quite a lot. “
This is a “weigh & save shop” – you can read more about them here.


Gaia Wholefoods in Lincoln
Central Market
Lincoln, Lincolnshire

07891 370197
Nicola, the proprietor sells whole food that she bags up but is willing to weigh out into your own containers if you give her enough notice.
Thanks to Not Quite A Vegan for that


London & Environs Loose Foods


You can find out  how to shop plastic free, here 
Other loose food outlets here.
More plastic free products over at the A to Z

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Spain- loose and unpackaged

There is a lot of loose food available in Spain. Search out small and independent shops and use the fantastic markets.

They sell frozen food including fish fingers. Most town will have a store that does this. Some supermarkets also do it.

There are wine bottle refill shops where you can use your own bottle.

Cheese is sold in rounds, is tasty and suprisingly cheap.

You will have to take your own plastic free packaging.


See photos in the FB gallery


There are several loose tea and coffee shops in Seville so keep your eyes open.
Just near the Parasol is Asuka. They  sell loose herb tea and coffee beans, reusable one cup filters and loose chocolates. Has paper bags and cool staff. Best take your own bags to be on the safe side. Here’s the website.

Read about


Do you know how long it is since I had crisps – gorging out on them here because they sell them loose in paper cones. OMG!!!!!


There is a great company based in Barcelona making  stylish cloth produce bags for your loose food. Otherwise you will have to import your own.

Crisps sold loose served in a paper cone.

Crisps sold loose served in a paper cone.


See our other Seville posts here and our plastic free travel notes here.

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Horsham Weigh & Save

A surprise discovery on a day trip to Horsham!

Town & Country Weigh is at 7 East Street, Horsham, West Sussex, RH12 1HH.

It has bulk food bins for rice (long grain, short grain, arborio, basmati), dried pulses (e.g. black eyed beans, chickpeas, butter beans, red lentils), flours (including rye flour and potato flour), milk powder, and a wide variety of muesli ingredients.

Thanks to Kake for the above write up.  Please, if anyone knows of any more, do add them to the list!


Loose Food Fill  lists all the shops  that sell  loose, food of the kind that normally comes plastic packaged ie rice, pasta and salt.


Take your own plastic free bags and refillable pots.


Oxford refill shop

Welcome to SESI
We are Oxford’s longest serving refill station of food products and household detergents.

SESI has its own range of laundry and household detergents which create no packaging waste from factory to consumer.  They are also effective cleaners, environmental and cheap.  We also offer refills of some well known products from Bio-D, Ecover and Faith in Nature.

The SESI food depot offers a growing range of fairtrade, organic and local foods.

We exist to help you minimise packaging waste and access the best products at a reasonable price.  We reduce packaging by encouraging customers to bring their bags, bottles and tubs for refill at our depot or at our farmers market stall.

All 250 refills and food/household products we hold as depot stock are available to order through this website.  You can download a catalogue of 5000 more! For tips on how to get the best out of this website go to ‘More About Ordering’.Please note we don’t take payment when you place an order – pay us on delivery or collection.  We accept cash, cheque or you can now pay by card.

Don’t forget to

  • Bags & Packaging – how to get your loose foods homes.
  • Cookbook – plastic free recipes
  • loose food   a list of shops selling loose, food that normally comes plastic packaged ie rice, pasta and salt.

Huddersfield Queensgate Market

Queensgate Market is a covered indoor market in the center of Huddersfield. It is home to over one hundred shops open six days a week.
Bus Stop • Town Centre
Address: Princess Street, Huddersfield HD1 2SU, United Kingdom
Phone:+44 1484 223361

It was Market Hall of the year in 2013 and like all markets is a great place to buy stuff loose and unpacked.
Meat & Fish
Huge knickers
Cotton hankerchiefs

However it is also an architectural landmark.

From Kirklees Council website

Opened on April 6th 1970 the Queensgate Market Hall was built with a bespoke roof system of 21 asymmetric curved shells. The design allows for maximum light into the market and is considered to be the best example still standing of a retail market from the 1960s and 1970s.

In 2005 Culture Minister David Lammy listed the building as Grade II, stating, “It is an imaginative structure that combines innovative technology of its time to produce a dramatic space full of natural light with the striking focal point of the roof.”
The exterior of the building incorporates natural stone with exposed concrete and several art relief panels all individually sculpted by the artist Fritz Steller.

The Hall has been haled by local architecture expert Adrian Evans as “A spectacular combination of architecture, engineering and art.”
For further information and images visit Huddersfield Gem


London & Environs Loose Foods

Loose Foods?

Anyone who lives in the U.K.  knows how hard it is to buy staple food like rice, pasta or cocoa loose and unpackaged. Do you know how long it took me to track down some plastic free cocoa? But I did.

To save you the stress of cocoa free nights,  I am putting, together a list of stores that sell loose products (of the type that normally come packaged), that allow you to use your own (plastic free), packaging to take it home in.
Just to reiterate… these shops do provide bags – plastic ones. You will need to take your own plastic-free /reusable bags & packaging. Find out where to get them, here.

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Earth Natural Foods,
200 Kentish Town Road, London, NW5 2AE
Open 8.30am – 7pm, Monday to Saturday, closed Sundays. Great review on Refuge For Daffodils

And another from Laurie Pym
I went to Earth Natural Foods on Tuesday. Bought some loose herbs and will be headed back there to get coffee & more soon! Still no taring, and it was quite difficult to use my own containers as I hadn’t read the A Refuge for Daffodils review in advance. Foolish me brought heavier containers. However, I used the available kraft paper bags, which I labelled with the seed and /kg price (as they request). Once bought, I put all bags in a Kilner jar to keep them fresh. When I got home I gently opened the bags, which I will reuse when we need more herbs. smile emoticon It is a lovely, LOVELY shop, which I will continue to patronise!

Bumblebee Natural Foods

To see what loose foods they do read this great review by Kake of Croydon

Food For All

A blog worth keeping an eye on this month is Junk Free January as they try to live without packaging for a month. I am sure lots of useful info will be sourced. Already another loose fill shop has been found. The following is taken from the blog….

“The hero of the day was Food for All, on Cazenove Road next to Stoke Newington railway station. The last shop on my search, I was pretty glum by the time I got here, but cheered up right away. This small independent shop has a friendly atmosphere, good ethics, good prices, and a huge range of loose goods – all the herbs, spices and teas you can think of and more, meusli, different kinds of rice, lentils, etc. ”

The Big Table 45 Chatsworth Rd, London E5 0LH

Mother Earth
282 St Pauls Rd / 5 Albion Parade / 101 Newington Green Rd
London, United Kingdom

Planet Organic Muswell Hill

111/117 Muswell Hill Road, Muswell Hill
N10 3HS

Whole Foods Market  


Whole Food Market – if we have to have supermarkets let them be like this….



I just wanted to share with anyone else living in London (especially others in S / W London) that there are two sweet stalls/shops in Tooting Market- Get Juiced! (That sell vegan drinks, food and bulk products – they are also likely to go zero waste soon!) And Nuff Cosmetics that sells bulk cocoa butter , shea butter, natural unpackaged soaps etcetc. Really refreshing to find these two in this area!

Croydon – great write up by Kake who gives this shop a very good press


You can find more loose food outlets here

These shops provide bags and they are almost always plastic ones. You will need to take your own plastic-free /reusable bags.

You can find a list of all plastic free products over at the A to Z


Leeds Kirkgate Market

Covered market hall and out door market. A wonderful fantasy of Victorian architecture. Loads of stalls
Open Monday – Saturday,  from 8am until 5.30pm
Some Quick Facts
Built 1857,
host to Jamie’s Ministry of Food
has a Shop & Drop scheme
home to the original Marks & Spencer stall where it all began
fantastic architecture

There is also an outdoor market
Monday: Second Hand Clothing
Tuesday: Friday & Saturday: General Market
Wednesday: Asian Bazaar
Thursday Flea Market
For more information visit the website

Our Favourites

It is fantastic for unpackaged food, meat and veg, nuts and spices. You have to take your own plastic free bags
You can  find stalls selling loose
The Teapot selling coffee beans and tea leaves loose.
The NUT SHOP cake related stuff to candied peel to spices & nuts all sold LOOOSE. Plus decorative things and sprinkles. Nb there are other shops now selling loose nuts elsewhere on the market.
Fabric Stalls
A good range including Jacks,that sell end of line remnants of Yorkshire made wooden fabric. Read more here.
Plus sewing supplies stalls that sell bobbins and other stuff loose!

Gallery From Fb Page plastic Free U.K.

Find market and loose food shops near you here



Village Green Co-op Prestwich

Village Greens is a Community co-operative grocery in Prestwich with fresh, local, organic, affordable produce . For the plastic free amongst us it has some loose, self-service products in dispensers on the wall including
Muesli base
Chia seeds
Pumpkin seeds
Hemp seeds
Sunflower seeds
Brown Rice

I was pleased! Lentils and brown rice which have been off the menu until now. Yay!
There was also paper wrapped butter and milk in glass bottles. Loose , organic veg including some unwrapped lettuce.
Loose soaps, health care and Natura menstrual products.
Plus some cocoa from Suma that I have to investigate. And really good fresh bread.
They do Ecover refills you have to ask at the counter

Well worth a visit.

Check out the photo album on Facebook





B – Plasticless Towns, Areas & bloggers

Barmouth – read the review below
Brighton – Hisbe – link here
Bridlington – Weigh & Save
Brixam Weigh & Save

Also in Brighton is the fabulous Ecothrifty – her blog is a great resource.

Barmouth Weigh & Save

Travelled on to Barmouth on the Welsh coast. It was hot and sunny and the tourists were out in force. I don’t like it like that. I only stayed  for the excellent weigh and save shop (read more about them here…)  called the Weigh Out

This sold (amongst other stuff), loose

  • pasta
  • powdered milk
  • cystalised ginger
  • cocoa
  • roasted peanuts
  • dried fruit
  • sunflower seeds
  • bran flakes

We was well pleased. Of course we had  to take our own plastic free bags natch!

You can find other loose food outlets here …


Aberystwyth with love….

louie knightMy impressions of Aberystwyth have been mostly formed by the surreal, rather wonderful writings of Malcolm Pryce creator of Welsh noire. His lonely gum-shoe Louie Knight prowls the greasy, sun-lotion slicked streets crushing discarded rock underfoot. A man caught in a miserable miasma of broken dreams blurred neon and light drizzle. His investigations take him to half abandoned caravan parks, seedy amusements arcades and dreary pubs. In short Aberystwyth sounded like a run down Blackpool. . Thankfully it is nothing like that.

In fact we greatly enjoyed our stay in this friendly and welcoming town not least because of the wide range of plastic free treats on offer.

On Saturday there is a farmers market that sells real cheeses and fresh pasta. We were rather late and had to settle for the beetroot and garlic pasta. It looked like a big plate of bacon when it was cooked which was confusing! Strange but tasty.

We loved the cheese shop and the coffee merchants. Got some ridiculously expensive but wonderfully flavoured nettle Gouda and some reasonably priced Brazilian coffee beans. They also do loose tea.

Next up was the sweet shop for chocolate covered ginger balls. Hot brown orbs of fun!

Had the best fish and chips ever – in a cardboard box. Rather missed tomato ketchup but held firm! Even though we have a bottle in the van it stayed in the cupboard.

There is a little fish shop where we got some uncooked salmon in our own bags of course.

Got a naked cucumber at the health food shop and could have bought brown rice in paper bags if we had needed any. Which we didn’t thanks to Whole Foods Market.

Finally and I don’t know if I should tell you this but I got some loose hand rolling tobacco. £4.75 for 300 grams. Is that expensive. I don’t know