Regenerated fibres, Rayon, Viscose, Modal & Tencil.

The base material is cellulose that can be obtained from a range of sources including wood, paper, cotton fiber, or bamboo. It is then converted through a chemical process into the following fivers. Rayon Bamboo Rayon- Viscose, Modal Tencel Rayon Notes The following is information I am collecting on rayon. It is a highly technical product and quickly gets confusing ...
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Whhhooo oooo Yes its time for spooks, ghouls and zombies to take to the streets and beg sweets. We have put together a few tips to cut the plastic horror that results. Included are... Get,(or make), some fabric trick or treat bags to take out with you – not to my house obvs. Buy plastic-free sweets for when the ghouls ...
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