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The Plastic Challenge takes place every year in the U.K. in June.

It is organised by the Marine Conservation Society (MCSUK).

The MSCUK is a UK charity “that cares for our seas, shores and wildlife”.

The Challenge

The MSCUK are deeply concerned about the amount of plastic polluting the sea and trashing the beaches. And understandably so. Since the ocean is downstream, much of the plastic trash generated on land ends up there. ” It has been estimated that 6.4 million tons of debris end up in the world’s oceans every year and that some 60 to 80 percent of that debris, or 3.8 to 5 million tons, is improperly discarded plastic litter “. Encyclopedia Brittanica.

You can read more here and see See lots of pictures documenting plastic beach pollution here…

But back to the challenge. The MSCUK “have a vision of a world where plastics don’t end up in our seas and on our beaches, where they persist and impact our marine life.”

So they challenge you to give up single use plastics for a month (June), and get sponsored whilst doing it. The money goes to support MSCUK projects which are many and very worthwhile.

Join In

Should you decide to join in, The Plastic Challenge web page has loads of information including;

  • ideas on fund raising and sponsorship forms;
  • a forum for posting questions and plastic free tips;
  • even a shop selling everything from highlighter pencils to menstrual cups;

Visit now to sign up and join in over at  @mcsuk and #plasticchallenge

Too Late?

Too late for sponsorship? Don’t let that stop you. No matter when you read this, cutting your plastic consumption will benefit you and the environment – whenever you do it. So even if it’s the last day in June… or the first of February… join in anyway.

Other Great Schemes

The MSCUK organise other projects to help combat plastic pollution including The Great British Beach Clean on the 16th – 19th September 2016.

Plenty of advance warning. Check out the details here.


Plastic Is Rubbish Facebook Group where plastivists discuss issues and share information about unwrapped compostable and reusable products. The fun never stops….

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