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Us & The Boycot

About us how we started blogging and why the boycott

Our plastic waste audit and a cunning plan to cut plastic.
The plastic we boycott Including sneaky plastics you may not know about.
The Plastic We Use You will only get the Dyson when you pry it from my cold dead hands.
Not in my bin – When determining if something is plastic free read more HERE
Plastics that cut plastic here
Alternative compostable plastic products
Because you cant cut it all…
The plastic food we eat
The plastic booze (and some great alternatives), here.

Why we dont recycle.
Not in my bin – When determining if something is plastic free read more HERE

Our plastic free year can be found HERE

AboutThe Blog
Blog history & Stats
How the blog is written and why you shouldn’t trust us

Come And Join Us
Write for us. See our writers guide HERE
See our guest posts how you can help build the best database.

Got a fantastic business or plasticfree project? Send us a write up for the P-f U.K. Directory. More information HERE

As Seen In Publications and blogs that have featured us.

Eat My Stats
To see how big our blog is you can read up on our hits and hopes here
Live Compostably
Over 350 compostable, plasticfree or at least massively plastic reduced substitutes for hundreds of unnecessary plastic products.
Links & Projects –links to other plastic free people, the U.K. directory and out other projects

About Plastic

Everything you need to know about plastic and somethings you wish you didn’t
About Plastic Index 
What Is Plastic
Types Of Plastic
Plastic Lifespan

Disposing Of Plastic – An Introduction

By Topic
Recycling and Reusing An Introduction
Plastic to Energy

  • Gasification – resulting in a gas (!)
  • Pyrolysis – plastic to fuel
  • Thermal depolymerization (TDP) – plastic to fuel
    Bad Plastic

    Waste Statistics – a big collection of reports and statistics

  • Cut Plastic

    Start here with some superfast ways to cut your plastic trash
    Sneaky Plastics – but beware of these plastics in places you might not have known about

    Plastic Free Products

    The easiest way to find a #plasticfree alternative in our huge database of products is to use the search function

    By Category
    Everything from food to watering cans to clothes
    Cleaning up.
    Disposables & Reusables & Refills Here
    Food and Drink from alcohol to zucchinis, supermarkets to making this is  your guide to eating plastic free
    Bags & Packaging – how to get your loose foods homes.
    Loose food  shops selling loose, food that normally comes plastic packaged ie rice, pasta and salt.
    How to start The three levels of plastic free food
    Cookbook  – how to cook!
    General  stuff that multitasks or is difficult to categorise
    Homemade sometimes if you want plastic free you just got to make it!
    High Days & Celebrations Index – with links to posts on 
    Home and house related
    Garden – come and hang out in our virtual potting shed  or have a go at  composting. 
    Office – need a plastic free rubber? Give us a try!
    Wo/m/animal People & Animals
    Wardrobe Index
    Personal Care Products
    animals & pets


    By Task
    Want to know how to wash up plastic free? Can’t be bothered looking through the A-Z index?
    Check out these work sheets.

    Buy shops
    Loose Food FillSupermarkets & Chainstores 
    West Yorkshire
    U.K shops for other people

    Make Index

    Composting – It’s the future


    Back on the Road
    How to back pack plastic free

    Links & Projects      Illustrations

    Gallery Our dirty pictures
    The Plastic-free U.K. Directory
    of UK-based groups, organisations businesses and individuals who are responding to the problems presented by the misuse of plastic.
    Plastic Free People, Projects & Campaigns
    Businesses & social enterprises
    Charities & non-proffits
    Media, arts & education
    Plastic Refusenik & Zero wasters

    The Fair Share Fabric Project  using only my global share of fibres & fabrics.
    Homesteading – home-made products
    Composting – the only way to deal with trash. Which means all trash should be compostable eading us to
    The Campaign For Real Litter

    Plastic Free July
    Waste Less Live More Week
    Zero Waste Week

    Good to Know Information about science, green issues and other related subjects

    Us & The Boycott

    Who & Why
    Our plastic waste
    Plastic we boycott
    Plastic we use
    Blog history & Stats the different places we have been hosted, moving to a self hosted site and some number crunching.

    The Blog Index
    As Seen In – publications that have featured us
    Blog Map – This page
    All Blog Posts A very big list of everything
    Stay In Touch – contact details

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