The Places We Been – the rubbish we seen

Wondering where to go on holiday this year? Want to see how much plastic trash will be littering your beach…….

The following places have been featured on our Planet trash Facebook page , our visual guide of world wide plastic pollution.

Latest Album Mabul, Island off Borneo, Malaysia

Chokin Cochin 8 photos
Cochin revisited 8 photos

Gokarna Town 10 photos

The Prom, Kochi 9 photos
India Andamans – trouble in paradise
24 photos

India Arambol the nasty stuff 36 photos

India Beach Clean Up Andamans 17 photos
India Everyday Streets 16 photos
India Fort Cochin Beach8 photos

India Gokarna Beach India 2012 7 photos
India Kannar Beach7 photos
India Kudle Beach,8 photos

India Ladahk – Plastic protest and why 13 photos

India Land of Kings 11 photos

India Village life 8 photos

India Walk to Om Beach8 photos

Indonesia Bali 12 photos

Plastic in the desert 7 photo
Iran The Persian Gulf 11 photos

Iran Water & Iran8 photos

Laos A Typical Village in Laos 12 photos

Laos After the fair 4 photos

Laos Hongsa Dump Loas 6 photos
Loas Loas, Luang Prabang 7 photos

Malasia our bit of beach 12 photos
Malasia Perhentians 11 photos
Malasia Tioman Island 11 photos
Malaysia Perhentians 13 photos

Mongolia Mongolia 7 photos

Myanmar Inle Lake Myanmar 6 photos
Myanmar Kingpin – bridge over the river 6 photos

Myanmar Kinpin Burma 9 photos

Myanmar Myanmar 11 photos

Myanmar Take Me To The River…11 photos
Myanmar Woodland Bottles 2 photos

Nepal Khatmandu 13 photos

Nepal Nepalese journey 10 photos
Nepal Pokara Holy Lake 4 photos

Nepal Pondicherry17 photos

Philippines El Nido 10 photos
Phillippines Sequillor Philippines 5 photos

Spain Spain 5 photos
Spain Spain Loose Food 27 photos

Sri Lanka Sri Lanka 11 photos

Thailand A day at the races 6 photos

Thailand dirty streets dirty rivers 9 photos

UK Carnewas and Bodruthan steps 7 photos
UK Colne Valley Yorkshire England 14 photos

UK Green unpleasant land 10 photos

UK Loch Eriboll 12 photos
UK my childhood beach8 photos
UK winter wonderland 10 photos
UK Worthing Pier 13 photos
UK Tesco Garage Plastic Glove Pollution5 photos

Vietnam Halong Bay 2011 5 photos

Vietnam Market Vietnam 4 photos

Vietnam SihanoukVille Port -Plastic Sea 5 photos

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