2015 and do I need to be setting goals? Do I need to bother about stats? Really I don’t know the answer to these questions. If I can get one person to reconsider their relationship with plastic then I will think this blog successful.

But it seems this stuff might be important so here goes; in January 2014 we got ourselves a proper .com website and began carting all our stuff over. The new site has all kinds of funky features that are great fun to explore but I was mildly concerned our stats didn’t carry over. I say mildly because up until now I hadn’t really bothered about hits. Quite frankly it was enough to get posts posted without wondering who was reading them.  With the kind of crappy connections I had, you didn’t waste time trying to see irrelevant stuff – but this got me thinking.  What counts as a popular blog? Is it measured by hits, social media followers or interactions?

A quick trawl of the internet shows that most people seem to think that stats are as nothing compared to a loyal readership , well crafted content and popular posts. That’s me sorted!

No, really, based on the info below these are my goals for the future:

  • I want to get 10,000 views a month
  • I want to find out what what unique views are.
  • I want to be averagely successful on social media sites which means I need 2209 more followers. 
  • I want to know what Google and Alexa ranks are and if they matter.

How I worked that out…

Views and shares are surely an indication of how much some one likes a post. Aren’t they? Well please don’t judge my posts by the shares. Because we changed our name our posts had a new url (I think), so our  post views were set to nought. Post views are for this year only and mostly for the newer posts as the older posts have lain at the back of the cupboard unseen. And we moved from blog.UK to WordPress again loosing a lot of post views! Really all my posts have been massively popular, you just can’t see it! So if you come across an unloved looking post -remember, once they were big and perhaps give them a little like, just for old times sake.

  • 2007 we were over at Blog UK and garnered 15311 hits.
  • 2008 we moved over to where we racked up a rather more impressive 417,070
  • 2014 we got ourselves the web page you see before you and got a total of 104691 -for a while hits dropped ( as a result of moving?) but now they are creeping up again.

That’s 537072 hits – over half a million views. Personally I am delighted. To have that many reads. Of course I don’t know how many people that actually represents because I don’t know how to do unique visitors. But even so…

However in blog terms it seems is is rather paltry. Apparently none of the cool kids count hits anymore but here is what some people consider to be right good numbers

“A right royal load” = 1 billion+ e.g. Google
“A mother load” = 500 million+ e.g. Facebook
“A crap load” = 100 million+ e.g. Wikipedia
“A boat load” = 10 million+ e.g. News sites, StackExchange
“A lot” = 1 million+ e.g. Very popular blogs, Web shops
“Quite a lot” = 100,000+ e.g. Popular blogs Popular and moderately famous blogs and sites live in this band. (Anecdotal data point: I used to run a small popular blog that got about this amount of traffic. It’s a healthy amount of traffic to have. It’s also about the number of monthly uniques you need to make AdSense/ad units worthwhile, in my opinion.)
“Small fish” = 0 – 100,000 e.g. Your mate Dave’s tumblog

50,000 unique monthly visitors (a pop)A healthy amount of visitors and showing the signs of value

  • 25,000 unique monthly visitors (a buzz) Healthy interest
  • 10,000 unique monthly visitors (a fizz) Signs of potential for small sites
  • 2,500 unique monthly visitors (a beep) A blog/info site with a reasonable amount of interest
  • 500 unique monthly visitors (a pip) A very small blog visited only by a handful of people.
  • 100 unique monthly visitors (a blip) A tiny blip on the Internet.
  • 20 unique monthly visitor (friends and family) A website probably only visited by yourself and friends and family.

Still I don’t care, I would be happy with 10,000 hits a month and finding out what are unique visitors and how  I count them.  An average of 330 hits a day would see me home! 
Social Media

Facebook Planet Trash  1654 followers.

My alter ego Polythene Pam has 71 (I try to discourage them. Like Planet Trash I say or go over to Twitter I tell them.)

Heres how I rank on Facebook

The following graphs show the cumulative popularity distribution for the nearly 600,000 Facebook Pages we analyzed. The facts:

  • 95% of pages have more than 10 fans
    65% of pages have more than 100 fans
    23% of pages have more than 1,000 fans
    4% of pages have more than 10,000 fans
    0.76% of pages have more than 100,000 fans
    0.047% of pages have more than one million fans (297 in total).
  • Read more here

Ooh in the top 23% get me. On the other hand, the average, a Facebook Page has 4,596 fans. Some way to go?

Twitter Polytheen Pam 959

It took me a while to get into Twitter but now I really like it and I can often be found there twitting plastic free info.

The average Twitter account–someone who signed up for the service but doesn’t necessarily tweet regularly–has one follower, the report notes. Users with more than 978 followers belong to Twitter’s 96th percentile. Find out more here.

Average number of twitter followers per user 208

Pinterest Polythene Pam – 113 followers.

I love Pinterest and try to keep up with my plastic free pins. However I daren’t spend too much time there.  After hours of  staring at wonderful things I have forgotten to eat and I am still in my jim jams. My work is undone, my hair unwashed the floor unswept but still I want more.  I am also left with a residue of self loathing. Why deosnt my house look like that and why can’t I craft a festive wreath out of old paper bags and banana skins?

Average user of Pinterest…

  • Following 20
  • 171 pins
  • 3 boards
  • Read more

So the average number of social media users in total  4596(Facebook)+  208 (Twitter) + 229 (Pinterest) = 5006

Me 1654 + 71(Facebook yes I am counting both) + 959 (Twitter) + 113 (Pinterest) = 2797. I need 2209 more followers to be average.

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