Textiles and ultimately clothing start with fibres

Know Your Fibres

Textiles and ultimately clothing start with fibres
Know Your Fibres
Fibres are short fine hairs that can be twisted or spun into longer thread or yarn. This may be woven or knitted into fabric.
Fibres (and then yarns and ultimately fabrics) can be can be natural, synthetic or chemically produced hybrid called regenerated fibres.

Natural fibres Are derived from plants like cotton or animals like wool and silk, Coarse Fibres Are used for rope, string, sacking and industrial uses.Read more HERE
Fibres used for finer fabrics and yarn include cotton, wool and silk. Read more HERE
Synthetic fibres are man-made from chemicals many of which are petroleum derived. Read more HERE
Regenerated Fibres The base material is cellulose that can be obtained from a range of sources. It is then converted through a chemical process into fibres.Read more HERE

Yarns and threads

and what they are used for….
Yarns and threads often take the name from the fibre in which they are spun.
they can be used as
String for tying
Thread for sewing
Yarn for knitting
See links to plastic free products HERE



Threads can be woven or knitted into fabric.
The fabric often takes the name of the fibre such as cotton or wool.
It can also go under a trade name such as nylon.
Or it can be called something else completely such as denim or crepe de chine.
Read about fabric synthetic, (plastic), regenerated, combination and natural fibres. why I prefer natural fabrics over synthetics here.

Guide to synthetic, (plastic), regenerated, combination and natural fibres.
why I prefer natural fabrics over synthetics here.

Buy Fabrics
Buy from on line suppliers
Local fabric shops.
British made Fabric
Regenerated Fibres & fabrics  a very basic introduction
Kinds Of fabric – my ongoing experiences with cloth.


Clothes are then made out of woven/knitted fabrics or knitted yarn. See our clothing posts here

why I prefer to wear natural fabrics over synthetics here.

Sustainable Clothes Find our sustainable criteria for buying or making clothes in the  clothing manifesto
Buying Plastic Free
You might be buying cotton but you still get plastic. Read more about plastic Involved when buying  ready made clothes

The only way I can afford fair trade organic clothes is make them myself. And I get to support local fabric shops which is very important to me. As is buying U.K. made fabrics.

How to sew plastic free
Sewing Supplies

See The clothes I have made here

 How Much? The Fair Share Fabric Project

Ones mans sustainable amount is anothers nothing to wear. So I have decided to use only my global share of fibres and they have to be sustainably sourced. Whats a global share? Share out all that is made by all the people on the planet and it works out, (very roughly), at 11.74 kg per person of which 3.8 kg is natural fibres. As I don’t like synthetics I try to stick to 3.8 kg of natural fibres.

My share of fabric Working out the figures
Introduction and yearly synopsis


Lots of outrageous statistics HERE


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