With Christmas approaching we have been experimenting. Have a look at

Things To Do With Oranges, Lemons, Raisons, Vodka & Ginger

A Sour Sort Of Mixer
In a pan put
Peel of an orange and a lemon no white pith cut into strips
Ginger cut into pieces – rather depends on how old the ginger is (fresher is stronger), and how much you like it.
Add the juice of one lemon
And some water
Boil up with sugar to taste.

Strain off the liquid. This can be used a sweet yet tangy mixer that tastes rather good with fizzy water as a soft drink or better still fizzy water and vodka!
I am not sure how long the liquid lasts. I guess that would depend a while but depends how much sugar you put in. The more sugar the longer it lasts but the sweeter it is obviously. I prefer it with less sugar so I tend to make small batches or freeze the excess in ice cube trays to add to drinks.

Fiery Fruity Ginger Bits
The peel and ginger is now softer and easy to eat. It is sweeter and has now lost some of its flavor but still packs a fiery punch. It can be added to other dishes as a kind of seasoning. Go easy!
Or it can be can uses to make

Wrinkled Balls of Christmas Fire

I love this! Put the fruity ginger bits in a jar. Add vodka. Add raisons. Store till you get a rich brown extract that screams Christmas. Add to dishes especially sweet mincemeat for a blast of festive flavour. The longer you leave it the better it is but it can be used after a couple of days. The flavors will have not combined quite as well but it is still good.

You can find where to plastic free dried fruit here

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