Back on the road – new places new rules. Getting online is tricky. I can only access Facebook or Twitter sporadically. Managing the blog is patchy and connections are very ssssssllllllloooooooowwwwwwww.  Sorry if I don’t back to you as soon as I would like. But there will be all kinds of interesting posts on how to avoid cracked heels when travelling plastic free, is it wrong to wear pyjamas out and trialing the new Steripen.

Why Plastic Free Travel?

So why travel plastic-free? It’s not always easy, you have to carry a years supply of sun block and home made tooth powder looks just like drugs making border crossing stressful. You can find out why do we do it and our top plastic free travel tips here.

Plastic Free Places 

Need to know where to buy bio bags in Helsinki? Want to know where to refill your water bottle in Jaipur? You might find the answer here. These are posts about our plastic-free travels. They go back a number of years so some of this info may now be out of date
but it’s a start, right? Outside the U.K.

Travel Blog

Where the pack are we. Read Our Travel Blog  to find out where we are and what we are up to. Tag Travel Blog

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  1. So excited to hear updates because I have recently transitioned to plastic free and need all the help I can get on travel. Thanks already for this help! I may forgo a big bag of tooth powder in and out of Colombia though

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