Here are some  U.K. based  business, people and organisations that are plastic aware. While there are many plastic free products out there (Find them here) they are often plasticfree by default rather than intention. The people featured here acknowledge the issues of plastic pollution and are taking  steps to address them.

These are often not  my reviews. Sadly I don’t have time to cover all the great people and businesses out there. I ask that people to contribute their own posts. The only provisos are that you have to be U.K. based and of course it has to have a rubbish element. Not necessarily anti-plastic but certainly plastic problem aware.

If you have a project you want to see featured please do send us a write up. There are some guidelines below. If you send out but mail please say what kind of packaging you use.

By category

Business & Social Enterprises

U.K. based enterprises that provide plastic free/reduced products and services. These people state plastic/packaging reduction as part of their business ethos. Find them here.

Campaigners & Charities

Educating, entertaining, campaigning  and exhibiting for a plastic free world. Artists and activists together.


U.K. based plastic free refuseniks and bloggers. Very useful blogs and  passionate people, writing about their plastic free lives. A great resources.


Got A Project?

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  1. Do you know the website They have pretty radical plastic-free items such as deoderant in a tin, shaving soap in paper and “family cloth”. Worth a look and they’ll send your box with no plastic in the packaging. Good stuff.

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