Showcasing U.K. based  business, people and organisations that are plastic aware, in their own words….
Sadly I don’t have time to cover all the great people and businesses out there… and I always feel a little shy about write ups. Suppose I miss the point. So I ask people to contribute their own posts. The only provisos are that you have to be U.K. based and of course it has to have a rubbish element. Not necessarily anti-plastic but certainly plastic problem aware.

About Plastic Free UK

I am compiling a directory of UK-based groups, organisations businesses and individuals who are responding to the problems presented by ...
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Do you have a project….

Welcome to the  directory of UK-based plastic aware projects, refuseniks, trash slashers, businesses and the rest. The DIRECTORY is to promote ...
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By category

Business & Social Enterprises

U.K. based enterprises that provide plastic free/reduced products and services. These people state plastic/packaging reduction as part of their business ethos. Find them here.

Arts & Education

Educating, entertaining and exhibiting for a plastic free world!

Charities & Non Profits

Do what? The Plastic Challenge takes place every year in the U.K. in June. It is organised by the Marine Conservation Society (MCSUK). The MSCUK is a UK charity "that cares for our seas, shores and wildlife". The Challenge The MSCUK are deeply concerned about the amount of plastic polluting the sea and trashing the beaches. And understandably so. Since the ocean ...
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Global Ocean is a marine conservation charity that teaches children about the importance of a healthy ocean to their survival on a blue planet and engages them to responsibly look after our seas. Marine Conservation Charity (or Non Profit Organisation) Plastic Challenge:Our biggest challenge is the make the public aware. If we could change just one behavior, such as using a ...
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see what AWARE are up to "Take on the ocean's silent killer. Make a stand. Join Debris Month of Action this September "Rubbish. It is ugly, it costs local communities and economies and destroys wildlife. Every year tens of thousands of marine creatures, mammals and birds die because of the litter we drop or fishing nets that are abandoned or lost at ...
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U.K. based plastic free refuseniks and campaigners. Very useful blogs, passionate people, cunning campaigns and great resources.


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  1. Do you know the website They have pretty radical plastic-free items such as deoderant in a tin, shaving soap in paper and “family cloth”. Worth a look and they’ll send your box with no plastic in the packaging. Good stuff.

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