Anyone out there want to subscribe to my blog? Desperate to read my posts as they steam… hot off the press I mean? Well now you can. Finally got an E mail subscription plugin thats free, easy to use and set up.

So here’s your chance to sign up. Please do -would love to have you aboard..


Facebook groupf eaturedI have 2 Facebook pages which  highlight the problems of plastic pollution and the people tackling it and a  group for chatting sharing and hanging out with like minded plasticless folk.

Please do feel free to join me at any or even all (keen!). I would love to have you along Here is a quick intro followed by more detailed note.

  • Plastic Is Rubbish–  group, join, share, rant, post. A resource for plastic less living.
  • Planet Trash – A page of images showing  plastic pollution the world over and the biggest list of anti plastic groups on Facebook. If you want to be on it, contact me there. Read more here.
  • Plastic Free U.K. – linked to the U.K. plastic free directory. This page is linked to the U.K. plastic free directory, a list of U.K  groups, people, organisations, businesses and individuals interested in tackling the consequent problems of our misuse of plastic. If you have a project please send a write up so we can feature it.

Instagram Also got me an Instagram account which I now almost understand..

Pinterest Love it – people there are so creative. Loads of really useful ideas and pictures of lovely #plasticfree products.

Twitter Natch!


You can read more about plugins here.

The above plugin is called Email Subscribers & Newsletters and is by Store Apps.  It makes my longterm plan of ditching Jetpack a little bit more achievable.

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2 thoughts on “Subscribe…

  1. Yes of course. I would love to participate. Sorry it has taken a while to get back to you but I am having issues with my internet accounts. Please let me know what you want. You can e mail me at plasticisrubbish @ I get mails faster over there. Regards.

  2. Help us to make our borough greener!

    I wanted to get in touch because I’m working on a campaign for Barking and Dagenham Council ( which is encouraging its residents to recycle, ruse and reduce. With this in mind, I wanted to get in touch to see if we might be able to work together? It would be fantastic to have a guest blog post from you!

    Recycle week is, as you probably know, next week so we’re forecasting a peak in interest in the website. With this in mind, it’d be great to feature a guest post from you – we’d of course include link backs.

    I have lots of ideas that I’d be happy to talk through with you – and I’m sure you probably have some too.

    I’ll look forward to hearing from you.

    Best wishes

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