2017 Plastic Free For Free

Always happy to collaborate on a plastic free giveaway. These are the folks we have worked with. If you are interested you can read more about the process Snact

About Snact “make snacks from surplus produce. That’s produce that would otherwise be thrown away for being too big, too small, too ugly, or simply too abundant. Better still this sustainable fruit jerky comes in 100% home compostable packaging – the first of its kind in the UK! The packet biologically decomposes within just 180 days and becomes a fertiliser for soil, behaving similarly to an orange peel. You can read more about Snact, here.

WUKA period underwear

Just for the Plastic Is Rubbish members, I would like to give two prototype WUKA period underwear this month, which mean you will be the first one to try it. All you have to do is join the Plastic Is Rubbish Facebookgroup Then Llike and follow us WUKA. and signup with us at Also Tag your friend who would love this and help us reach out to every menstruating bodies all around UK. Read more WUKA here:” rel=”noopener” target=”_blank”>HERE

Sorry BUT you missed it….

Snact “make snacks from surplus produce. That’s produce that would otherwise be thrown away for being too big, too small, too ugly, or simply too abundant.

Better still this sustainable fruit jerky comes in 100% home compostable packaging – the first of its kind in the UK! The packet biologically decomposes within just 180 days and becomes a fertiliser for soil, behaving similarly to an orange peel.

You can read more about Snact, here.

WUKA period underwear

Just for the Plastic Is Rubbish members, I would like to give two prototype WUKA period underwear this month, which mean you will be the first one to try it.
All you have to do is join the Plastic Is Rubbish Facebookgroup
Then Llike and follow us WUKA. and signup with us at
Also Tag your friend who would love this and help us reach out to every menstruating bodies all around UK.
Read more WUKA here:

Greencane Plasticfee Tissue Products

A great giveaway from a company called Greencane 
They make #plasticfree tissue products including loo roll. Wahey. They gave away
Mixed Box
32 Rolls of Toilet Paper (8 packs of 4 rolls)
6 Rolls of Paper Towels (3 packs of 2 rolls)
3 Boxes Facial Tissues

The products come in individually wrapped packs.
All the packaging is paper, card and or cellophone.
The cellophane is certified  as commercially compostable.
Delivered to your door in a cardboard box from their Brighton warehouse.
There may be some plastic tape on the box but they are working on that!
Anyone trying to live a plastic free life will know what good news this is!
I have reviewed these produce – you can read my review here.


For lots more info and to order products  visit the website

U.K. Made Cotton Produce Bags

Do Your Bit Produce Bags From a U.K. Based company who make organic cotton reusable bags from fabric sourced from a fair traded local company.

Buy Here

Never mind, you can still enjoy the frisson of plastic free shopping by buying bags right now from the Do Your Bit shop

Tickets to see
You missed out on tickets to see Bea Johnson but there will be other opportunities. To win great free #plasticfree stuff.


Let’s Do A Give Away

We love promoting plasticfree products and a great way to that is to give somethings away for free. Who doesn’t love a freebie?

So if you have a product you want to promote and Wish to work with us, this is how we organise a giveaway. However  we are always open to suggestions.

In the following, the organisation giving the gift is referred to as the donor .

Briefly the donor offers a product to give away, we organise a draw and promote it and the product on our blog. The donor should do the same. The winner is chosen at random. Their details are passed on the donor who send the prize on.

The Giveaway Draw

Is done via Rafflecoptor ( who organise on line draws).
Terms and conditions are agreed with the donor. i.e. Only residents of the U.K. can enter.
The link is designed.
The resulting code is then pasted into blog post and looks something like this.

Rafflecoptor giveaway portal as seen on the blog post. And tha bags are not green but white!

To enter, participants then click on the link and are directed to a range of options.
For our giveaways they have to
tweet a tweet containing your Twitter handle
visit your FB page
comment on the Give Away Page (more on give away pages below).

Each action counts as an entry to the draw.
Participants can do all three thereby increasing their chances of winning,

Entries  go into rafflecoptors virtual hat.The winner is chosen at random.
The prize is sent directly to them by the company doing the giving.

Advertising the Giveaway

Both parties should promote the giveaway as widely as they can.


I promote the giveaway  on my blog in a variety of ways

The What’s On Page
Every month I do a round up of latest news, plastic free finds and other topical stuff.

In The Previous Month
I advertise the giveaway the month before in the Whats On page. First in the news as a shoutout and then in more detail in later on.
You can see an example from the current giveaway here

In Giveaway Month
When the giveaway goes live, it is featured in the current months Whats On page but this time with the link to the Rafflecoptor giveaway like the one shown above.

See an example from the current giveaway here

The Giveaway Page

It is also promoted on the separate give away page. The giveaway page focuses on your product only, has more detail and again links to the  Rafflecoptor draw.  This is the page entrants will be directed via tweets and FB links.

See an example from the current giveaway here

Side Bar On All Posts

Give away is featured in the blog sidebar.

The giveaway page is also linked via a widget on the blog side bar which appears alongside of every post. The widget has a picture and brief description of your product and a countdown.

Social Media

Plastic Is Rubbish a rapidly growing group where folks can share, rant and post about living plastic free. Join us here.
Planet Trash A Facebook of plastic pollution.
Facebook page Plastic Free U.K. a visual library of U.K. plastic free finds we come across
PlasticSrubbish Twitter account
Plastic Is Rubbish Instagram
And have a Pinterest page

Want to do one? Contact us now.


Special days, gifts & parties

Here’s a guide to celebrating, partying and gift giving.

If you want biodegradable, disposable cutlery try How To Party Plastic Free. Reusable advent calendar? Check out Christmas. Compostable condoms – yes they are in Valentines along with other loved up stuff.

And of course at the end of every party, the washing up. Sigh.

Have fun and drink responsibly….

Gift wrap reusable

Which wrap should you choose? Well we prefer reusables over all else so here are some wraps you can use ...
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Pancakes & Pancake day

To make plastic free pancakes in a plastic free non stick pan ... you will need: Eggs in a cardboard ...
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Mothers Day

Flowers and chocolates  are a traditional choice for such days and always welcome. Especially when you choose a few plastic ...
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Easter egg makers are far more environmentally aware than they used to be and it is now possible to buy ...
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Valentines Day

Wethers it's Valentines Day, a very special date, an anniversary or just because,  here's a round up of plastic free ...
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Christmas Crackers Reusable

As they sound - a cracker that can be used over and over again. Probably not completely plastic free, (those ...
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How to wrap gifts plastic-free

Which wrap should you choose? Well we prefer reusables over all else so here are some wraps you can use ...
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I always feel a sense of wonderment when I make something that turns out as good a shop bought but ...
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How to party…plastic free….

Organising a big bash? Nipping off out to buy some paper plates? WAIT!!! Given the choice between washing up and disposable ...
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Advent Calendars

Covered in plastic and  full of trashy sweets, they just add to the huge amounts of Christmas rubbish. So here ...
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Drinks- Alchohol, cocktails & mixers index

Plastic free booze is hard to find....glup!!!!. But as giving up IS NOT AN are our best choices.... The Plastic ...
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How to wash the pots plastic free…..

By Hand...Sigh Washing up liquid and I use Ecover  in a refillable plastic bottle. I know the bottle is plastic but ...
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Tricky but not impossible. Did you know they did loose pistachios in Lidles? At least they did last time I ...
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How To Buy Flowers Plastic Free

You don't even want to know how many plastic wrapped roses we are going to get through on this one ...
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Greetings cards

Cards  have been the bane of my life , (I mean greeting cards not gambling  - that's all in the past), as many ...
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Anyone out there want to subscribe to my blog? Desperate to read my posts as they steam… hot off the press I mean? Well now you can. Finally got an E mail subscription plugin thats free, easy to use and set up.

So here’s your chance to sign up. Please do -would love to have you aboard..


Facebook groupf eaturedI have 2 Facebook pages which  highlight the problems of plastic pollution and the people tackling it and a  group for chatting sharing and hanging out with like minded plasticless folk.

Please do feel free to join me at any or even all (keen!). I would love to have you along Here is a quick intro followed by more detailed note.

  • Plastic Is Rubbish–  group, join, share, rant, post. A resource for plastic less living.
  • Planet Trash – A page of images showing  plastic pollution the world over and the biggest list of anti plastic groups on Facebook. If you want to be on it, contact me there. Read more here.
  • Plastic Free U.K. – linked to the U.K. plastic free directory. This page is linked to the U.K. plastic free directory, a list of U.K  groups, people, organisations, businesses and individuals interested in tackling the consequent problems of our misuse of plastic. If you have a project please send a write up so we can feature it.

Instagram Also got me an Instagram account which I now almost understand..

Pinterest Love it – people there are so creative. Loads of really useful ideas and pictures of lovely #plasticfree products.

Twitter Natch!


You can read more about plugins here.

The above plugin is called Email Subscribers & Newsletters and is by Store Apps.  It makes my longterm plan of ditching Jetpack a little bit more achievable.


Textiles, Yarn, Clothing & Footwear Index

Textiles and ultimately clothing start with fibres

Know Your Fibres

Textiles and ultimately clothing start with fibres
Know Your Fibres
Fibres are short fine hairs that can be twisted or spun into longer thread or yarn. This may be woven or knitted into fabric.
Fibres (and then yarns and ultimately fabrics) can be can be natural, synthetic or chemically produced hybrid called regenerated fibres.

Natural fibres Are derived from plants like cotton or animals like wool and silk, Coarse Fibres Are used for rope, string, sacking and industrial uses.Read more HERE
Fibres used for finer fabrics and yarn include cotton, wool and silk. Read more HERE
Synthetic fibres are man-made from chemicals many of which are petroleum derived. Read more HERE
Regenerated Fibres The base material is cellulose that can be obtained from a range of sources. It is then converted through a chemical process into fibres.Read more HERE

Yarns and threads

and what they are used for….
Yarns and threads often take the name from the fibre in which they are spun.
they can be used as
String for tying
Thread for sewing
Yarn for knitting
See links to plastic free products HERE



Threads can be woven or knitted into fabric.
The fabric often takes the name of the fibre such as cotton or wool.
It can also go under a trade name such as nylon.
Or it can be called something else completely such as denim or crepe de chine.
Read about fabric synthetic, (plastic), regenerated, combination and natural fibres. why I prefer natural fabrics over synthetics here.

Guide to synthetic, (plastic), regenerated, combination and natural fibres.
why I prefer natural fabrics over synthetics here.

Buy Fabrics
Buy from on line suppliers
Local fabric shops.
British made Fabric
Regenerated Fibres & fabrics  a very basic introduction
Kinds Of fabric – my ongoing experiences with cloth.


Clothes are then made out of woven/knitted fabrics or knitted yarn. See our clothing posts here

why I prefer to wear natural fabrics over synthetics here.

Sustainable Clothes Find our sustainable criteria for buying or making clothes in the  clothing manifesto
Buying Plastic Free
You might be buying cotton but you still get plastic. Read more about plastic Involved when buying  ready made clothes

The only way I can afford fair trade organic clothes is make them myself. And I get to support local fabric shops which is very important to me. As is buying U.K. made fabrics.

How to sew plastic free
Sewing Supplies

See The clothes I have made here

 How Much? The Fair Share Fabric Project

Ones mans sustainable amount is anothers nothing to wear. So I have decided to use only my global share of fibres and they have to be sustainably sourced. Whats a global share? Share out all that is made by all the people on the planet and it works out, (very roughly), at 11.74 kg per person of which 3.8 kg is natural fibres. As I don’t like synthetics I try to stick to 3.8 kg of natural fibres.

My share of fabric Working out the figures
Introduction and yearly synopsis


Lots of outrageous statistics HERE


Menstrual Pants

Menstrual pants are knickers you wear during your period. They come with inbuilt protection. Some can be worn instead of ...
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Swimwear Recycled

Well my Decathlon, unsustainable boy shorts have finally fallen apart and it is time to source some new, more ethical ...
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Clothes – British companies we like

Please note that while these companies are British and the product are designed and marketed in the U.K. They may ...
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Time to buy new panties, knickers, bloomers, draws, step-ins – call them what you will. I am a simple woman ...
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Clothes hangers

Plastic coat hangers? I hate them. They are rubbish, break easily and are bad for your clothes. They are usually given ...
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Stuff I Made


2015 Fair Share Fabric

Over the last few years I have been tracking clothing consumption. At the end of 2014 I did a wardrobe inventory. I ...
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Bloomers – homemade

Just because I am backpacking don't mean I can't make pants. Recently I have been wearing the Mu Mu of ...
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Boho Tunic

BoHo Tunic For summer I want something light, cool and colourful  so I made this tunic  using fabric scraps left over ...
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Loon Pants

I was so pleased with my Scrappy Bo-ho Tunic I decided to make some lounge pants. Actually I wanted to ...
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How can you have so few clothes yet still have something you never wear? Fearing the harsh Mongolian climate I ...
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The MuMu of Modesty

This big and rather tent like top is extremely easy to wear. Long trousers, short trousers, no trousers even! With ...
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Trousers homemade

Yes, I am a member of the all-female, Indoenesian-based, Madness tribute band. What? You haven't heard of us? I made ...
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Tunic Top – Fair-trade, organic-cotton, plastic-free & homemade

How can you afford fair trade and organic clothes on a budget? Make your own! I wanted a long tunic ...
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In 2015 I pledged to  use no more than my fair global share of fibres and they had to be sustainably sourced. I was trying to determine ...
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Garden index

Gardening is such a joy. Even more so when it’s plastic free

Don’t have a garden? Nothing to stop you from growing some herbs even a few lettuces on your window sill. Don’t have a window sill? We have found some seed grenades for that derelict bit of land by the canal that has been bugging you for ages.

So no more excuses – come and hang out in our virtual potting shed for a while.

Garden index

Gardening is such a joy. Even more so when it's plastic free Don't have a garden? Nothing to stop you ...
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Seeds in a clay grenade!

Flower Grenades throw a seed bomb for an explosion of flowers in derelict places Take action in the green revolution ...
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Seed – harvested

This one means planning ahead and the packaging may not be plastic free - you will have to check with ...
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It is hard to find plastic free seeds. They are usually sold in waterproof plastic lined foil or plastic lined ...
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Seed Compost

Want to make your own plastic-free compost for growing seeds in? Using only this years fallen leaves? OK its not ...
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Pet bowls biodegradable

For the plastic free pooch in your life, a biodegradable plastic food bowl! "Eco-friendly and functional, Becothings are tough and ...
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Dog poop bags and composting waste

This is something I really hate …. plastic bags of dog @*%! hanging from the bushes. But then plastic bags ...
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The  cutters of I use are from Joseph Bently I bought this set from TK Max– steel and wood tools with minimal ...
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Bird Food

Feeding the birds can be a plasticky business but not for us happy Huddersfield folk. Up at Earnshaws saw mill, ...
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Watering Cans for young and old (and rich)

Take a look at this beauty - my  galvanised watering can with removable brass rose. Looks good and lasts forever ...
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Plant Labels

Busy digging over the garden and planting up next years crop in the allotment and I find myself: Turning over ...
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Hot to Rot? A Composting Introduction

lets talk waste. Waste is used to describe: materials not needed after primary production: the unwanted byproduct of a process: ...
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Seed pots homemade

Flimsy plastic seedling trays are an abomination. A couple of uses and the are fit for the bin. What a ...
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Plant Pots Compostable

Took this form a very interesting article here. I will be looking into them more closely in the future Low-‘e’ ...
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One of the real joys of buying #plasticfree is sourcing the stuff in local shops. The excitement when you see milk in glass bottle in the newsagents is beyond words.

However sometime you have to buy on line. Most of the products featured have an online option to buy. Though we try to link with business we know we cannot always do this. Then we try to find a similar product on Amazon.

Amazon is a very dirty word at the moment and I thought long and hard before suggesting them.  Heres why I went ahead….. No we are not entirely happy with Amazons recent history. However, we have always found their service to be good and their packaging usually compostable.

If you buy a product via this link we do get an affiliation fee for this. This is not why we do it.

Apollo Gardening 9L Traditional Galvanised Metal Watering Can 5L GALVANISED WATERING CAN. 5 LITRE CAPACITY. COMES WITH ROSE. TWO HANDLES. NEW
Apollo Gardening 9L Traditional Galvanised …
Haws Metal Watering Can Rose with Screw Thread Haws No 4 Brass Watering Can Rose Garden Angels Children's Watering Can Pink or Blue Retro Metal Can Fast Postage
Haws Metal Watering Can Rose with Screw Thr…
Haws No 4 Brass Watering Can Rose
Garden Angels Children’s Watering Can Pink …
Tongue Depressor, 6-inch, 11/16 No Splinter, Birch, NonSterile (Pack of 100) Karter Scientific 212T2 Paper Pot Maker & Accessories Gift Set - Great Gardeners Gift Giant Paper Potter
Tongue Depressor, 6-inch, 11/16 No Splinter…
Paper Pot Maker & Accessories Gift Set …
Giant Paper Potter
Eco-Bags Products, Produce & Bulk Bags, 3 Bags Spear & Jackson Traditional Children's Spade Garden angels Carbon steel garden hand trowel
Eco-Bags Products, Produce & Bulk Bags,…
Spear & Jackson Traditional Children’s …
Garden angels Carbon steel garden hand trowel
Garden Angels 3 Piece Children\'s Hand Tool Set Seed Pantry Chilli Seeds Starter Pack Seed Trays - Set of 3 Traditional Quality Wooden Seedling Trays - Ideal Gardening Gift
Garden Angels 3 Piece Children\’s Hand Tool… Seed Pantry Chilli Seeds Starter Pack
Almost plastic free chills
Seed Trays – Set of 3 Traditional Quality W…
Garden XP Biodegradable Flower Pots Blackwall Twin Pack Bokashi Bin Fair Trade Coir Compost Block
Garden XP Biodegradable Flower Pots
Blackwall Twin Pack Bokashi Bin
Fair Trade Coir Compost Block
Draper 45317 210 mm Bypass-Pattern Secateurs with Wooden Handles Bypass secateurs with ash wood handles 8" PROFESSIONAL STAINLESS STEEL,WOODEN HANDLE SECATEUR/PRUINER,CURVED BLADE
Draper 45317 210 mm Bypass-Pattern Secateur…
Bypass secateurs with ash wood handles
Pruning Shears - Titanium Bypass Hand Pruners - Ideal Garden Shears & Clippers for Trimming Branches, Hedges, Orchards, Bushes & General Tree Trimmer - All Metal Forged Professional Secateurs - Quality Ergonomic Gardening Tools Guaranteed. Razorsharp Professional 6959BS Spear and Jackson Heavy Duty Bypass Secateurs with Ergonomic Handles ORGANIC PLANT FOOD MAKER In Stainless Steel by Burgon and Ball
Pruning Shears – Titanium Bypass Hand Prune…
Razorsharp Professional 6959BS Spear and Ja…
Wildflower Seed Balls - Oxeye Daisy Wildflower Seed Balls - Poppy Wildflower Seed Balls - Bee Mix
Wildflower Seed Balls – Oxeye Daisy
Wildflower Seed Balls – Poppy
Wildflower Seed Balls – Bee Mix

No more twitter shares

My blog has always had “moments”. Sometimes it posts older versions of an article, once all the links stopped working, it often collapses sobbing loudly. In short it’s kind of moody. Add to that user error, (I am no computer whizz), and you get a sporadic performance. But these issues tend to resolve themselves. So when it stopped showing my Twitters shares I didn’t respond.

But it dragged on so I finally called in Doctor Google. It seems that from Friday, 20th November 2015, Twitter stopped showing the share count figure on their buttons “along with the associated API used to retrieve it.” No idea what an associated API is but the result is that you can no longer see how many times an article has been shared on Twitter.

Are Shares Important

Well according to this article, Facebook think so. They quote Will Cathcart, Facebook News Feed Director, who says the ‘most powerful determinants of whether a post is shown in the feed’ include:
How popular (Liked, commented on, shared, clicked) the post creator’s past posts are
How popular the current post is with everyone who has already seen it.

And I liked them too. I know popularity can be manipulated by strategic sharing and computer programs but that is unlikely to happen with a small blog like mine. I believe that my Twitter shares were genuine. And that they showed what subjects were important to people.

You can read more about Twitter’s reasons here. And, as I understand it, you can still buy share data from Gnip, Twitter’s data arm.

But which small blog wants to, or needs to pay for that kind of info? If you really need to know, Buzzsumo will do it for free. They have developed an app to sit on your tool bar that tells you how many times a post has been tweeted, and a lot of other interesting stats. You have to register of course and it only works with certain servers. Chrome is one. If you are desperate this might work for you.

Sadly it only works for you and no one else can see how popular your posts are. I think that is a shame.


How to make it yourself plastic-free

There comes a point when living plastic-free  means making stuff. Sometime you just cannot buy what you want and so your only option is to get all Blue Peter, source the ingredients and actually produce something. Turns out it’s quite fun and not that hard! Here are some of the skills I have mastered..erm….sort of ….maybe.


Making your own clothes is probably the only way to get them totally plastic-free. Plus the only way I can afford fair trade organic clothes is make them myself. And I get to support local fabric shops
How, why and where to buy can be found  here


Who knew? Baking – it’s not that bad!  Check out the plastic free cook book here

Making Make Up

Its quicker then  trying to choose between a hundred different shampoos and it’s really simple, fun to do, so much cheaper  and  I get to control what goes on my  body, where it comes from and what environmental impact it has.

See all our homemade lotions, toothpaste, fake tan & the rest.  

Cleaning Products

i don’t make many cleaning products. I use bicarb neat and occasionally vinegar. Mostly I scrub with natural bristles. You can read about my cleaning products HERE


Take control of your own waste and make plant food Here


An introduction to some of the stuff you need to make the above

Made From Plastics

up-cycling plastic is a good way to use up waste plastic. Have a look at what these talented folk have done over in the arty crafty part of this blog   and check out my PINTEREST board. Lovely but by no means the answer to plastic over consumption.


Plastic Free Alternatives

Want to live plastic free…. or at least massively reduce your plastic footprint? Here are a whole load of plastic free products sourced and used by us as part of our boycott.  While we are happy to try out new products if sent to us, we work for no one and say only what we believe to be true.

Live Free & Sneaky Plastics

Start here with some superfast ways to cut your plastic trash
Watch out for Sneaky Plastics –  in places you might not have known about.

Plastic Free Products

The easiest way to find a #plasticfree alternative in our huge database of products is to use the search function (#grandmothersuckeggs!) However we have also organised them by other criteria.

Disposables & Reusables & Refills

Welcome to the wonderful world of reusables delve into refills and when push comes to shove, be directed towards disposables.

Organised By

Organised by type you can find everything from food to gardening to personal care.
Task  Want to know how to wash the pots, #plasticfree? Check out these posts organised by task!
A to Z organised… erm…alphabetically

Towns organised alphabetically that have #plasticfree/ packaging free/ zerowaste shops.Find them here.


Bags & Packaging
Shopping plastic free means taking your OWN PACKAGING.Check out the plastic-free shopping kit here.
Which Shop
Use your local shops Reasons why here.
Buy British and cut those air miles. Some ideas HERE
Food Here is a list of food types Loose Food
Find out if a shop near you sells bulk food loose. This is stuff that that normally comes plastic packaged. A
list of towns with shops selling loose food.
Supermarkets & Chainstores  Yes you can get plastic free and zero waste stuff. Read up HERE.</a

Delivered in glass bottles but double check before you order

Buy On Line

These shops sell plastic free products and send them out in plasticless packages. Find them HERE


Make It Yourself.
Sometimes you just have to make it yourself! With #plasticfree scissors.Find out how to craft your own clothes, cosmetics and other useful things
Composting – it’s the future of rubbish

Travel – how we travel the world plastic free.

The Directory

The Plastic Free U.K. Directory lists #plasticfree projects and businesses.  While there are many plastic free initiatives out there  they are often plasticfree by default rather than intention. The people featured here acknowledge the issues of plastic pollution and are taking  steps to address them.


Links, People & Organisations

Get The Knowledge
Information about science, green issues and other related subjects that impact on the plastic debate can be found at Useful to know

Wrong Place?

Try another chapter….
Welcome a quick introduction to everything
About Plastic  everything you need to know about plastic and somethings you wish you didn’t
Bad Plastic – why you need to cut your plastic consumption
Cut plastic – how to cut unnecessary plastic out of your life & meet the other people doing it.
Links & Projects –links to other plastic free people, the U.K. directory and out other projects
Us & The Boycott –About us the blog and the boycott rules
Site Map


Travel Notes

Some note on plastic free travel….

Why Plastic Free Travel?

So why travel plastic-free? It’s not always easy, you have to carry a years supply of sun block and home made tooth powder looks just like drugs making border crossing stressful. You can find out why do we do it and our top plastic free travel tips here.

Plastic Free Places 

Need to know where to buy bio bags in Helsinki? Want to know where to refill your water bottle in Jaipur? You might find the answer here. These are posts about our plastic-free travels. They go back a number of years so some of this info may now be out of date
but it’s a start, right? Outside the U.K.

Travel Blog

Where the pack are we. Read Our Travel Blog  to find out where we are and what we are up to.


Twitter Hashtags

Here are some hashtags you might like to explore!

Twitter Tags

 – new tag on the blogs – for stupidly overpacked items

 i.e not disposables which we would like to

 … YES!!!!


#plasticshaming – for particularly gross plastic products

#PfreeUK – the tag for the directory of plasticless/free projects, businesesse & other aware bodies based in the UK.






#pfjuk – plastic free July U.K. related subjects.

And if you want to mange your Twitter lists quickly and efficiently, try this free app 

#Plasticfree – a proviso for the picky

I describe myself as a plastic- refusnik, a boycotter or plastic free. But I have never been happy with any of those labels. I am not plastic free. I live in a house with plastic cabling, I work on my plastic computer until I put on my plastic coat to go out in the rain. I have a relationship with my Dyson that is almost love.

Nor would I aspire to be plastic free. Plastic is a great product that has changed the world for the better.

It is the misuse of plastic that I am campaigning against not the product itself. So yes I refuse a lot of trashy plastic, I boycott abused plastic, but plastic- free? No certainly not. It was Michelles tag, being PALL ( plastic a lot less) that summed it up for me. That is exactly what we, the plastic avoiders are, plastic-less.

Michelle has been plasticless for a longtime now – and she can help you go plasticless too. Find out more about Michelle, and being PALL here.

But I still use the #plasticfree hashtag because I have used for so long.



Disposing Of Plastic

In this post you can read about the many ways we dispose of plastic.
Most plastics are made from oil and most plastics do not biodegrade. See how and why here…
which  makes it difficult to dispose of.

There are no natural processes in place that can absorb non biodegradable  plastic back into the biological cycle. It cannot be composted or left to rot where it is dropped or dumped like organic rubbish. Read more about the plastic lifespan here.

Most plastic lasts  for decades, maybe centuries, possibly for ever.

WHICH MEANS that every bit of plastic created has to be collected up and specially treated. All of these processes are time-consuming and so expensive.

Main methods are
Recycling and Reusing
Incineration & Waste to Energy –
Thermal depolymerization


Just A big hole that we fill with rubbish. The theory was that waste would slowly biodegrade. Plastics do not biodegrade so once in a landfill it will sit there forever. That said turns out that a lot of rubbish in landfill sites do not biodegrade. William Rathje, of the University of Arizona, excavates landfill sites and  has found  newspapers printed in the 1950s that could still be read. Consequently the landfill is rapidly filling up.

Recycling and Reusing 

Let’s be clear about this recycling is just a more responsible form of waste management. That stuff in your recycle bin is still rubbish and has to be dealt with the attendant environmental and financial costs. While recycling may offset these costs it is still expensive. Moreover recycling does not address the main issue of misusing plastic and stupidly using it to make one use throwaway items.

With that in mind lets look at plastic recycling.

Incineration & Waste to Energy –

Incinerating plastic which means burning it.  At best this adds to global warming and at worst releases dioxins on of the most carcinogens known.  Sometimes using the heat created is used to generate electricity which offsets the cost of waste disposal.
N.B. only offsets!

Other Plastic To Energy Processes

Technofix – updates on the latest ways to sort it out


Plastic Waste & The Poor

As noted all the above are expensive. They require special treatment facilities, a decent infrastructure of roads and a reliable rubbish collection service. Theses facilities are often not available to poorer communities, certainly not those based in the more remote parts of the world.  They have two methods of plastic waste disposal

Burning plastic – On open fires could be safe or it could kill you – depends on the plastic  Find out more here

Dumping  –  on the outskirts of town, a major cause of plastic pollution and potential death for  animals who forage there.
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