So you want to cut your plastic in your food. Well the trick is to buy loose, unpackaged products and take your own bags, boxes and wrappings. Easy peasy. Well maybe! Finding loose food and people prepared to use your own packaging can be a challenge but it can be done. Eating fresh is fairly easy it gets more tricky when you want dried pasta or rice. But I can proudly say we got almost everything covered. Visit the links for more details.

Bags & Packaging

Shopping plastic free means taking your  OWN PACKAGING. Check out the plastic-free shopping kit here.

Local Shops

Try your local shops first. One of the joys of living plastic free is mooching round the local shops seeing what you can source. You might be suprised. Asian Supermarkets and Polish Delis are particularly good.

And of course you are putting back into and improving your own community. Read more HERE

Supermarkets & Chainstores 

Because sometimes we have to shop there and yes you can get plastic free and zero waste stuff. Read up about them plus eating for a week, plastic-free, only from supermarkets  a case study.

Veg & Fruit Boxes

If you still can’t find them loose in the shops you might want to consider getting a veg box delivered. many schemes are plastic aware. Take a look here


Find a rounds that delivers in glass bottles here but double check before you order

Loose Food A to Z

Find out if a shop near you sells bulk food loose. This is stuff that that normally comes plastic packaged ie rice, pasta and salt. And yes these shops do exist in the U.K. There’s just not many of them.

Heres a list of towns with shops selling loose food.


This is an interesting option that allows you to buy basic foods on line plastic free.
You can even use your own produce bags. Read more

Ask A Local

A great source of info is the Plastic Is Rubbish FB support group. We have people everywhere who,are ready to help. Join up join in.

More Food

Here are all our food finds

Milk delivered in glass
Water including carbonated and water abroad.
Fizzy drinks / sodas How to make your own pop and mixers

Hot Drinks
Tea & Tea Bags – did you know that tea bags contained plastic?heres a guide to those that dont.
Fruit Tea Where to buy
Coffee In huddersfield Buy your own beans loose
Tea & Coffee Merchants Suppliers of loose leaf an beans.
Cocoa Alas no more
Drinking chocolate A work in progress.

Bakery, Buns & Biscuits
Beans & Pulses dried that is. For fresh see fruit and veg.
Deli Counter
Dried fruit & Nuts
Fast food
Frozen Food
Fruit and Veg a guide to buying, picking and growing.
Herbs, spices, salt & peper
Oils & Spreads

Meat & Fish 

Sweets & Chocolate
Snacks and nibbles

More Info

Buy Other Stuff On Line

Find more online products HERE

Another great source of info is the Plastic Is Rubbish FB support group

Food Related


By Recipe

How to cook plastic free The Cookbook

Some post…

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Other Products

Find the  plastic free products you want and the purchase details will be in the post.  You can search by search, or via these menus……
By Category Everything from food to watering cans to clothes

By Task Want to know how to wash the pots, throw a party or sew #plasticfree. Check out these posts organised by task!

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