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Milk delivered in glass
Water including carbonated and water abroad.
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Bakery, Buns & Biscuits
Beans & Pulses loose legumes and homegrown beans – dried that is. For fresh see fruit and veg.
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Frozen Food
Fruit and Veg a guide to buying, picking and growing.
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How to cook plastic free The Cookbook

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How to cook plastic free The Cookbook

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Whole Food Market U.K. Chain

Rushing through the Cheltenham suburbs, had to buy wine so lurched into the huge carpark of an out of town ...
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Lidles  is a chain of budget supermarkets. It offers some plastic free surprises. (Click the links to see a review ...
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Peapod Grocery – Fruit, veggies, fish & jam!

In between the blustery walk to the post office and putting the stew on, I need a break; a cup ...
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Flat Breads and Maryam Bakery

Last year I gave up plastic wrapped bread - which was pretty easy, for English bread at least. However for ...
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Biscuits loose

Yes, I have given up biscuits! But before you gasp and clutch your bosoms, wonder ing if I really am ...
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Bread and bread machines

Buy As you know, most bread comes plastic wrapped. Unless you are lucky enough to  have a local bakery, and ...
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