Living plasticfree sometimes means going alternative. Trying different things. There are many kinds of different alternatives talked about out there in Google land,  some credited with the most fantastic attributes. But before you reach for the bicarbonate of soda and depend only on vinegar to sanitizer your kitchen, it might be worth investigating a little further.

This series of posts looks beyond the claims and tries to assess if these alternatives are indeed that great or even that greener in the long run,

Fatty Acids – Oils, Butters & Waxes

Fossil fuel oil is slippery is very versatile. As well being the base for most plastics and driving our cars ...
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Essential Oils

Essential oils have gone from being an obscure aspect of botany to an all round marketing  ‘good thing’.  Almost every ...
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Natural fibres for brushes

Natural fibre brushes come in many sizes - you can get everything from big bristly brushes for sweeping yards to ...
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Natural V Synthetic fabric

In April I am going to be trawling through my wardrobe, ( such as it is). here is some background ...
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Natural Fibres & Bristles

A  guide to natural and biodegradable fibres that are safe to compost and can be  washed without shedding tiny plastic microfibres ...
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Things to consider when choosing glass packaging as oppose to plastic What is glass  Glass is made from sand, soda ...
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Vinegar is great. You can use it for all kinds of things and is almost plastic free to buy. Vinegar is ...
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Antiseptics & Disinfectants

This post talks about Microbes Antiseptics Disinfectants Alcohol Bicarbonate Of Soda Vinegar Hydrogen  peroxide Soap Essential oils This is an area ...
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Bicarbonate Of Soda

This one product can replace hundreds of plastic bottles on your shelves. It does biodegrade. However there are issues about ...
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Paper versus plastic versus reusables

So if I don't want to use plastic bags then would I suggest using paper as an alternative? Well actually ...
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4 about the alternatives


See how to make all kinds of plastic-free food, clothes makeup and other stuff 

Other basic products that can help you live plastic free and information about them can be found here…. – useful to know tag.




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2 thoughts on “About The Alternatives

  1. Re : sun lotions : Micro fine Titanium dioxide for so called sun blockers – imagine what effect on your skin Titanium has.
    Best to use pure sheabutter. I have been using it for decades, is available, pure, and has 4 (four) different Vitamins E (Alpha, Beta, Gama, Delta Tocopheryls) plus Vitamin K protects your skin like noone else does. We get it straight from the growers in natural form.

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