Tap water in many countries the water is actually safe to drink. In others sadly it is not. You can find out here…
Can I Drink The Water?
Visit this super cool website to find out if you drink the water. Just pick the country you want and read the result.

Safe Tap Water

Yes? Hooray – all you need to take is your refillable bottle. Fill it with tap water and no need to ever buy bottled.

Read up about U.K. Tap water here 

But Surely Bottled Is Still Better?


Some articles on the subject
And here 
And this about PET plastic bottles 
So much so that water bottle bans are becoming more common 

Not Safe Water?

Sterilise Your Own Water
When the tap water is not safe we still don’t buy bottled water. Instead we sterilize tap water using a Steripen. Been doing this for years all over the world.

Refill Schemes

Refill Schemes in the U.K. The U.K.  is one country lucky enough to have safe drinking water BUT sometimes when you are out and about it can be hard to access tap. These worthy schemes  aim make safe, free, tap water available.

Refill Abroad

Many countries offer a refill service where you can buy filtered purified water
Find A Refill Service
S.E.Asia Thailand & Malaysia

Carbonated Water

But I like fizzy water. Make your own from tap 

Water Bottles

Check out which refillable water bottle here


In the office– try these water filters 

Got no taps?– If you must drink bottled water this might interest you; water packaged in PLA compostable plastic bottles

Better still – make your own water from air. Have a look at this interesting machine. “Our smallest machine, the Water from Air™ AW3 makes up to 32 litres of great tasting, purified water straight from the air. Our largest, scalable machines (WFA100+) make up to 1500 litres per day, per unit – for example, if the need is 6000 litres per day, the configuration will require 4 stackable units.” Visit the web site. 

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