Why make your own clothes?
It’s the only way to get true plastic-free outfits free of synthetic threads, fixings, labels and packaging:Plus I can’t afford to buy ready-made sustainable clothes, but I can (sometimes), afford to make clothes from sustainable, organic and fair-trade fabrics
Click each garment to see how sustainable it is. You can see a full list of my sustainable clothes criteria here

Stuff I Made


Bloomers – homemade

Just because I am backpacking don't mean I can't make pants. Recently I have been wearing the Mu Mu of ...
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How can you have so few clothes yet still have something you never wear? Fearing the harsh Mongolian climate I ...
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Trousers homemade

Yes, I am a member of the all-female, Indoenesian-based, Madness tribute band. What? You haven't heard of us? I made ...
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The MuMu of Modesty

This big and rather tent like top is extremely easy to wear. Long trousers, short trousers, no trousers even! With ...
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Tunic Top – Fair-trade, organic-cotton, plastic-free & homemade

How can you afford fair trade and organic clothes on a budget? Make your own! I wanted a long tunic ...
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Loon Pants

I was so pleased with my Scrappy Bo-ho Tunic I decided to make some lounge pants. Actually I wanted to ...
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Boho Tunic

BoHo Tunic For summer I want something light, cool and colourful  so I made this tunic  using fabric scraps left over ...
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  1. yes and they are so well made out of such lovely fabrics. Really I cannot see why people want to make, buy and wear such shoddy s=clothes as are out there today!

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