Welcome to the new year, new look blog Yes I am behind schedule but the last 12 months have been busy.

For a start I moved to a proper hosted dot com site. That took up a whole load of time. I had to learn about domains, hosting and buying a theme. Then work out how to use the theme which meant watching my blog disintegrate into a blur of techno babble on a depressingly regular basis. Later I got into designing logos and tackling the gimp graphic package.

It was a sharp learning curve but extremely addictive. Too addictive. I have to call it done. While it’s not perfect and there are glitches to be ironed out I am going to put my mouse down and say

WELCOME TO THE NEW BLOG. Drum roll and a big flourish.

Go ahead and browse my features. My favorites are


More Than Design

But last year wasn’t all geeking. I was delighted to be a Zero Waste Ambassador, take part in Plastic Free July and partner Waste Less Live More Week. Plus go to the Observer Green Awards where I met up with a load of online buddies and be childish about Colin Firth.

All this while traveling round the U.K. in a van. Which meant I got to track down more Weigh & Save shops, discovered Whole Food Markets and had that there Karen Cannard in the back of the van.That doesn’t sound quite right…..

However I do feel that the blogging side has suffered. Due to the move, a lot of posts have been shifted about and reposted. Apologies to anyone subscribing by email and thanks for sticking with me. Next year there will be a reduction in the number of posts in your inbox and an increase in quality – I hope!

Eat My Stats

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