If you came here looking for it, it has been moved.

Follow the link for milk vending in Suffolk

other wise here is some information on refills

U.K. water bottle refill schemes

Water Abroad We sterilize our own water using a Steripen …. but when a bottle refill service is offered we will use ...
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Refill/Bulk/Zerowaste Stores

Bulk buy or refill stores are places you can buy all kinds of food like rice, suet, even soup mix ...
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Cleaning products Ecover Refill Liquid Cleaners

ECOVER  do all of these products and you can get your plastic bottle refilled. To find where  Ecover have a refill ...
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I do have a social life. I occasionally get to  go out to dinner and wine is the present of ...
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Milk Refill Vending Machine

Recently our van trip has been milk free. Seems they don't do milk in bottles in France. But if you ...
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Oil Vegetable Cooking Refill

Vegetable oil is difficult to source plastic free. Buy in glass and the metal caps will have a little plasticized disc ...
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Of course you can get beer in bottles but those metal caps have a plastic liner or small disc to ...
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Water Refills World Wide

Find out first Of course water in many countries the water is actually safe to drink - you can find ...
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  1. I do hope so! I want one in every supermarket. they have them in the big French supermarkets.

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