It is so easy to make your own personal care products and the advantages are huge;  you get to control what goes on your skin, be way more eco-friendly and save a whole load of cash. You can make almost anything the cosmetic companies sell but without the palm oil, dodgy chemicals and weird colors. Though you can have all those too if you want.

In the U.K.. you can buy some ingredients locally, (mainly coconut oil), but for most of them you will need to go online. And almost certainly they will come packed in plastic. BUT you will get so much product from one bag that this will represent a massive cut in your overall plastic waste creation.

Be aware of the risks of listening to someone who
a) doesn’t have any training in this field,
b) most of what they know comes from Google,
That’s me I mean.

I am telling you of my own experiences for your information only. You should do a lot more research before proceeding. None of the following have been tested on anyone other than me, my husband and my mum.

Check out the links below for suppliers and recipes.

Antiseptics & Disinfectants

This post talks about Microbes Antiseptics Disinfectants Alcohol Bicarbonate Of Soda Vinegar Hydrogen  peroxide Soap Essential oils This is an area ...
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Body Butter

One of the joys of living plastic free is that you have all kinds of useful base ingredients in the ...
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I read that Britains get through 15 million plastic bottles a day. How many? I find that utterly shocking. So ...
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Creams & Lotions – Recipes

It is so easy to make your own creams and lotion that once you start you will never look back ...
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Microbeads.... the newest way to exfoliate. These tiny particles, or microbeads, scrub away at the skin supposedly leaving it wonderfully ...
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Fake-bake plastic-free

Every year they, the fashionistas, say that pale is interesting - well up here in the windswept north of England ...
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Hair Gel and hairspray

I got these from green ladies blog I haven't tried them because I have no use for such things but ...
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Inhalers Homemade

Seems you can buy refillable inhalers. You soak the cotton wick in essential oils of your choice, put in the ...
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lip balm

Well looks like winter is finally here - again - and the need for a good lip balm has never ...
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Mosquito Repellent

It's that time of night when sitting on the balcony becomes a feat of endurance rather than a pleasure and ...
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Oils, lotions & creams Index

Fats and oils are used to keep the skin supple and prevent moisture evaporation. Many oils and waxes can be used ...
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Shampoo in a plastic bottle? Why bother when there are gentler, cheaper and plastic-free soap substitutes? Liquid Shampoo Soap Flake Shampoo ...
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Sun Block Homemade

The following information is for guidance only. None of the following recipes or tips have not been tested on anyone ...
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Toner – skin

I have long had the complexion of a teenager – all spots and grease. While in India this situation got ...
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Toothpaste, toothpowder, dentifrice homemade

Dentifrice - toothpaste or  toothpowder whichever, it  is basically an abrasive to clean and polish the teeth. Most brands come packed ...
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Using Essential OIls

This is a post in progress. As I learn so I will add to it. For now this is what ...
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An introduction to some of the stuff you need to make the above


And find out how to make lots more stuff HERE
Find all plastic free personal care products here…

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