There comes a time in every plastivists life when there really is no alternative – what you want only comes plastic wrapped. Of course there is the truly noble option of doing with out giving it up completely. And for some products this is an option. Crisps for instance. But toilet paper?

Here are your options

  • Toilet rolls – loose or in compostable wrap
  • Cheap boxes of tissues. 
  • Water & Hand
  • Water & Wipe

Toilet Paper

Yes it is hard to find plastic free loo roll but not impossible.
You can sometimes buy loose rolls from the corner shop. Many asian supermarkets sell them this way.
Or these that come in compostable packaging. More information and suppliers here

Cheap boxes of tissues.

  • Not just for economic reasons. Expensive boxes of tissues tend to be reinforced with plastic.
  • Find out more here

If none of the above appeal you could go without.

Water & Hand

There is the jug of water and washing method. For this you will need a jug or bottle of water.

  • Fill the bottle/jug with water
  • pour the water over the affected area.
  • Clean with your hand
  • Dry

Ooo and don’t forget to wash your hands afterwards, with soap – though I am guessing I didn’t I need to tell you that.

Sounds grim but feels really clean.

bum hose featuredIf you do become converted you can  get flexible hoses plumbed in which make the job much easier.

When in India (and other places) I am quite happy to use this method. You can find out how to make your own portable backpackers bum washer here.

But back in England…. well most visitors to my house would fall down and die if called on to wash their bum with their bare hands so it’s back to loo roll. If I was really deep green I could use….

Poop Cloths

There are hardcore greens who use washable poop rags. Yes they are exactly what they sound like. Two problem with this – the first, as before, screaming visitors fleeing the bathroom; the second, a screaming me. I can not regard this option with anything other than horror. Washable nappies yes- but adult poop… urghhhhh. See, everyone has their sticking point.

Water & Wipe

A combination of the above. Wash first with water – no hand then wipe using a moistened tissue. You will use much less tissue this way. Or if you prefer reusables, your cloth will need far less cleaning.

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4 thoughts on “How to go to the loo plastic free

  1. We use organic cotton wipes in our household on a part-time basis (I haven’t been able to bring myself to use them full-time!). They are fantastic and so easy to use – after using, we just pop them into a small lidded bin, then throw them in the wash with everything else. No smell, no fuss. We also buy GreenCane toilet paper made with recycled sugar cane/bamboo and packaging in paper with a compostable cellophane window.

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