Cleaning your teeth involves so much plastic what with the tooth brushes and tubes of toothpaste. Lucky for you I have researched a number of plastic free products for you to try.


While I am not a fan of plastic-free toothbrushes I do prefer my home made toothpaste. Plastic free and almost plastic free dentifrices are listed here.

Teeth Whitening & Mouthwash

Someday you can use peroxide to whiten your teeth. I say it is revolting.

You can also use it as a mouthwash.


I have tried natural toothbrushes and I am not that keen. They quickly go kind of pulpy and I didn’t feel  they are up to the job. So have gone back to my electric toothbrush consoling myself with the thought that
a) the heads are half the size of a normal plastic toothbrush
b) I make my own toothpaste and
c) these are my TEETH.

Bamboo Brush

But there are a number of all-natural, bamboo toothbrushes on the market some of which I have reviewed. You can find out more here.

Bamboo Brush With Nylon Bristles

In my opinion, these work better than all bamboo toothbrushes. Some claim the nylon bristles are biodegradable others dispute this claim. Best to treat this a reduced plastic option. Read more here.

Biodegradable Cornstarch Bristles

This is an interesting new project that might lead to better things.

A Biodegradable Cornstarch Toothbrush?
Sounds interesting – check out this Kickstarter campaign

My name is Alan Chen, and I’m the inventor of Smiti, an eco-friendly toothbrush with a stylish, minimalistic design that helps to reduce waste and save the environment.

I invented Smiti after researching how much our daily habits contribute to harming our planet. As the father of a little baby, I really want to contribute to a sustainable future for generations to come. We can all do little changes in order to help.

Smiti is a stylish, gentle and efficient toothbrush that does the job while helping to reduce waste. The interchangeable head of Smiti is made of 100% biodegradable PLA from naturals renewable sources such as corn starch, cassava root and sugarcane. The aluminum alloy handle can be used for years, and at the end of its long life, be recycled.

Using Smiti as a part of your daily dental hygiene routine can greatly help reduce the plastic waste caused by traditional toothbrushes.

I’ve launched a Kickstarter campaign, where until March 27, 2017, Smiti is available to pre-at a great discount. Smiti comes in Black, White, and the exclusive Kickstarter color Rose Gold.

Learn more by checking out the Smiti campaign page:
Find pictures and more information in the Smiti Press Kit:


Find other plastic free personal care products here…

Making Other Personal Care Products 

Its quicker then  trying to choose between a hundred different shampoos and it’s really simple, fun to do, so much cheaper  and  I get to control what goes on my  body, where it comes from and what environmental impact it has.

Lots more info here on making your own personal care products


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