My own plastic-less products have been bought from all over the world. Got a great tin cup in Moscow. Would totally recommend getting one. Purchase details are not much use if you live in Scunthorpe. So I try to include examples of what you could get in Scunthorpe. As I have never been to Scunthorpe this leaves me recommending an online product that will be delivered by post.

While the products look very similar to the ones we use, we may not have actually bought or used these particular items. And we may not have used this particular supplier. Nor can we guarantee they will come free of plastic packaging. It is merely to show what is available.

So while I might feature other suppliers that look interesting, I also try to recommend a company I know. Which tends to be Amazon. For the following reasons: I have always found Amazons service to be good and their packaging usually compostable.

So I have put together an Amazon catalogue featuring lots of plastic free products.

But Amazon?!?

Amazon is something of a dirty word but most of the products featured are not  sold by Amazon but by businesses operating through Amazon. To boycott them is rather like boycotting a local shop because their landlord doesn’t pay tax. I offset cutting plastic trash and supporting small businesses operating under the Amazon umbrella, against the parent company’s ,(Amazon’s), tax evading and low-pay antics. So I will still buy from Amazon while objecting to the business structure that allows this kind of exploitation. Which is, sadly, true of a lot of businesses I use. That said I don’t know how sustainable the smaller online businesses are either which is why I believe so fervently in shopping locally. Get to know your traders!

Affiliation Fees

I get an affiliation fee for promoting  products through. It is so small as to be laughable. I think I have made 40p so far. It certainly does not mean I will be promoting some products at the expense of others or for financial gain. The products promoted are the ones I use or like the look of. Also being an  affiliate allows me to feature product pictures and details copyright free supplied by the company.  Which leads me to


Another reason for promoting products I might not have used is inspiration. It is good to see that it is out there. Use it like a catalogue. I use Pinterest in the same way – you can see my boards here.

Other places to buy

We prefer to go to the seller direct wether on the ground or on line. If you check our own reviews of the products we you will usually find other purchase details. Some of them are in Moscow.

Please note there is a list of UK plastic-less bloggers on the Where To Buy page. Maybe there is someone in Scunthorpe writing about plastic-less products you can buy there. If not, and you live in Scunthorpe, perhaps you could start blogging about it the plastic-less facilities. Bursts into a chorus of “come and join us” Blogging for a plastic free world

And please, if you don’t blog, post your own recommendations in the comments boxes for plastic-less products and places you have sourced.

Together we can make changes.

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  1. Kate I have so enjoyed and been inspired by your blog. Frankie and I agreed that you tipped us over into joining the movement, and we are starting to move in the right direction.

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