One of the real joys of buying #plasticfree is sourcing the stuff in local shops. The excitement when you see milk in glass bottle in the newsagents is beyond words.

But sometime you have to buy on line. And then you come up against the prickly problem of packaging

There is nothing that enrages plastic activist in me more than researching a product that claims to be plastic free and environmentally friendly, purchase online, wait eagerly only to find it comes plastic packed.

Plastic free and plastic reduced products are of course a great step forward in the battle against plastic. But when I am buying a product I want to know how the product is packaged. There is little point buying a wooden comb if it comes in a plastic bag.

If it comes via an online, postal service, onward packaging needs to be stated. I want to know how the product will be packed and the more information the better. Down to what kind of tape is used (whether it is plastic or not) and whether the invoice will be in a plastic bag on the front of the box.

Which is why I like he following companies who offer plastic free products but also consider the onward packaging.

N.B. But no matter what I say, check and double check for yourself. One mans plastic free is another’s little bit of sticky tape.

Anything But Plastic Online Shop

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Fabric Offset Warehouse

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Greencane Tissues/ Paper Products

A while ago a company called Greencane sent me some tissues through the post. Not just tissues but toilet paper and kitchen ...
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And here are my latest finds…

Sin Plastico
We are a plastic free and zero waste store. That means, we ask our makers and distributers to send us everything in bulk or with the less packaging as possible.
We do use Kraft and corrugate cardboard to wrap and fill the boxes. And even our tape is made of paper and vegetal glue.

They are based in Spain but ship to the UK. They have a great range. Check it out HERE

Based in the UK Is Boobalu with a great range of stuff

You will receive your order either in reused, recyclable or biodegradable packaging. Green mail bags are biodegradable and pink mail bags are recyclable. You can also choose plastic free packaging at the checkout page.

And many thanks to the lovely Plastic Is Rubbish FB group who came up with these suggestions

Less Plastic

always either reuse cardboard boxes that have come to us or our friends and neighbours, or use brown paper wrapping with brown paper tape. We pad our parcels with recycled/reused paper or newspaper. Also have you seen our infographic trying to inspire other online businesses to do the same? Visit the WEBSITE


for toys and craft supplies. Use cardboard and paper packaging including paper parcel tape.

A really lovely shop full of wooden toys and wool felt balls. Recommend you have a look HERE

And Keep

Please have a look at Eco-friendly, sustainable and reusable products. Postal packaging is always recycled. I’m a public speaker on plastic Pollution too and passionate about helping people to make more mindful purchasing decisions while helping them on a plastic-Free or zero waste journey. All packaging is paper or cardboard.

Read more HERE


A great selection of stuff can be found HERE
isn’t my shop I was a recent customer and it came in newspaper. They say
Packaging & Postage
Running an online shop is not without it’s own waste issues. Even though we consider this platform a place to be a conscious consumers, we acknowledge we will build up packaging. We have put measures in place to ensure we are responsible and try to lessen our environmental impact.

We have asked all of our suppliers to refrain from using plastic when packing our items. In the factory world, poly bags, bubble wrap and stylofoam are commonplace. Understandably the items need to remain intact, yet not at the cost of the environment. So far, all suppliers have accommodated our no plastic. For example, our bamboo supplier made s an enormous cotton bags instead of bubble wrap, our stainless steel straws arrived loose with newspaper, and the straw cleaners arrived wrapped together in wire. Our coconut bowls were individuals wrapped in used newspaper.

Most importantly we reuse everything to send our our own orders.

Your parcels:

For months in the lead up to the launch we have been saving packaging and also asked neighbours and friends to donate theirs. We haven’t invested in any packaging yet, when we do, we can assure you it will be from a sustainable source. At the moment, your orders are packaged in a circular economic way, that you can continue.

We make the ‘padding’ from shredding junk mail and books are falling apart.


Plastic sellotape is rife in packaging. We are looking for a company that specialises in recycling sellotape and hope they will be happy to receive the sellotape that mounts from our inbound deliveries. So watch this space!

Paper Parcel tape:

We don’t use sellotape we use paper based tape that can be recycled or can biodegrade.

“where I get my makeup from, their packaging is all compostable and they sell things like kjer Weiss refillable makeup. Lots of plastic bottles on there too but overall they are a good co.”

From the website
We want to be part of the solution so we practise responsible sourcing and make eco-friendly decisions. We stock products that avoid excess packaging and that provide packaging that can be recycled. Our own delivery boxes are 100% recyclable and FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) approved which helps prevent the use of illegally harvested timber. Our tissue paper is provided by a sustainable company and printed with eco-friendly soy ink, not petroleum-based ink, and it’s 100% recyclable. We use 100% natural starch-based packing peanuts to secure your products inside they box; they are a far more environmentally friendly solution compared to petroleum-based polystyrene packing material. We favour 100% recyclable packaging, fair-trade, locally produced and biodegradable products, all of which help reduce waste and pollution.

I haven’t had time to research this site but it looks interesting and they do consider their packaging. So while not plastic free I have included them as make up is very tricky to find. See for your self HERE

The P-f U.K. directory

The companies featured in the directory are aware of the issues surrounding plastic and may well post plastic free. Check out the write ups for more details or contact them direct.

Find them HERE

Other Online Products

Find by product. Most of the products featured on the blog have an online option to buy. It is always worth contacting businesses and asking if they can post you product plastic free. Offer to cover the costs of a cardboard box if needs be.
Look here for individual products.

We a try to link directly with a business we know and have used but we cannot always do this.
And sometimes cost considerations mean we want to offer a range of options in different price brackets. In these cases we try to find other more affordable on Amazon.

Amazon is a very dirty word at the moment and I thought long and hard before suggesting them. No we are not happy with Amazons recent history. However, we have always found their service to be good and their packaging usually cardboard and so compostable. Though of course this cannot be guaranteed. You can read more of our reasons in the post.

Amazon catelogue here.

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  1. Hey thank you for mentioning . Just want to add we don’t use sellotape, we use paper tape, and all our packaging in streamlined so it will all go in paper recycling. The paper tape is gentler than sellotape so means you can also reuse the paper if you like. Thank you and good luck!!

  2. It’s great to see there are alternatives to plastic-packaged delivery. Also good to have alternatives to Amazon – I spend way too much there as it is!

  3. Kate I have so enjoyed and been inspired by your blog. Frankie and I agreed that you tipped us over into joining the movement, and we are starting to move in the right direction.

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