Jeremy Iron mmmm ….chocolatey voice over on this plastic bag mocumentary  mmmmm…..oh, er, right , it’s a  really good  film about plastic bag pollution – check it out

Here are some more films you might like….

A Plastic Ocean
Craig Leeson discovers a startling amount of plastic pollution in the world’s oceans.
Released September 22, 2016

Bag It Jeb stops using plastic bags leading him to question the role of plastic in his life.

Addicted to Plastic – as the title suggests it looks at how dependant we are on plastic

From the Waste Up.
“Our documentary follows the lives of 19 people as they attempt to live without plastic.”

More Jeremy Irons this time tracking world trash

Plasticized Made by 5 Gyres documenting the extent of plastic pollution in the South Atlantic Ocean.

All about bottled water

The Clean Bin Project
Jen and Grants compete as to who can create the least waste,

Time To Make Changes

Ugh that was nasty! Inspired to change your habits? There are some great campaigns and campaigners here…

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