Jerry Bottles

Jerry sell sustainable steel water bottles to raise funds for water projects around the world.  They love water so much that they give away 100% of their profits to bring water to those that don’t have it.

We sell steel water bottles to raise funds for water projects.  We are committed to promoting the #zerowaste movement and encouraging a cultural shift towards re-useables and sustainability.
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This post was written by the contributor and  is  a PfU.K. Directory submission.

And the Pf U.K. Directory is…?

…a directory of UK-based groups, organisations businesses and individuals who are responding to the problems presented by the misuse of plastic. That does not mean anti-plastic necessarily but certainly plastic-problem aware.

The DIRECTORY is to promote their fantastic work. Read more here…

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Bristol Water Refill

“Refill Bristol is a practical campaign to make Bristol a city in which refilling your water bottle becomes a cultural norm.”

But how you ask?

“Participating cafes, bars, restaurants, banks, galleries, museums and other businesses will simply put a sticker in their window – alerting passers-by to the fact they’re welcome to come on in and fill up their bottle – for free!”

By the end of the year they hope to have signed up 100 businesses and have an app telling you where they are. For now you can to find them on this map.

Another great water refill scheme to look out for is Give Me Tap

And lets not forget Selfridges who have banned the sale of bottled water in their shops and installed a water refill bar.




Drinking The Chinese Water

But what about the water? In China according to my tap water info graphic the tap water is not safe to drink. So we are drinking boiled rather than bottled water. Most rooms have a kettle and if they don’t you can get a flask of hot water at the reception. The trains all have a water boiler at the end of the carriage.

Many people advise bringing water to a hard boil for 5 minutes, and perhaps longer at higher elevation.   More current literature, however, suggests merely reaching the boiling is sufficient and effective.

If you prefer a belt and braces approach, let the water cool and treat it with your Steripen. Of course you will need to have your own reusable water bottle. We have two.

When you get bored of water there is always fizzy orange – see our next post…..

This post is my contribution to Zero Waste Week (‪#ZerowasteWeek) the brainchild of Rae Straus (also featured in our P-f U.K. directory). Each day, for 7 days, we will feature a tip to help you eat, drink and – ermmm – excrete in the most sustainable and rubbish free- way, backpacking kind of way. Each post will appear up on our advent calender of trash free tips. See them there.


Selfridges Water Refill

Selfridges are setting out to tackle plastic pollution in the ocean by “removing all single-use plastic water bottles from our Foodhalls and restaurants, amounting to approximately 400,000 bottles a year.”  Selfridges website.

I was a little confused by the wording. Single use? Surely all plastic bottles when used as packaging  are single use.  I wondered if perhaps they meant single serving water bottle. I have been caught out like this before. Got all giddy about a water bottle ban only to find that it was restricted to those tiny bottles that contain a small glassful each. Yes a start, but hardly a ban.

So I tweeted them

love that you are removing single use water bottles. Does this mean the single serving small water bottles or all bottled water?

and they replied

disposable water bottles have been replaced with access to water fountains within our store.

Way to go Selfridges.

This  is part of its Project Ocean initiative, a collaborative effort with the Zoological Society of London (ZSL) and the Marine Reserves Coalition (MRC).

“Professor Jonathan Baillie, director of conservation programmes at ZSL, said the amount of plastic in the oceans was “staggering” and having a “devastating effect” on marine wildlife.

“No matter where plastic litter originates, once it reaches the ocean it becomes a planetary problem as it is carried by ocean currents,” he said.  Business Green

There is also an exhibition curated by Jane Withers in the Ultralounge on G at Selfridges London featuring work by Studio Swine (one of our favourites – check out their great project here) Andrew Friend, Nick Wood and Alice Dunseath, “which shed light on the plastic problem and propose alternative futures.”  There is also an in store water fountain and water bar to refill your own bottle from.

There is lots more on the website including ways you can cut your plastic footprint.

Needless to say the British Plastics Federation (BPF)  “expressed its “dismay” at Selfridges’ move. Philip Law, the BPF’s director general said: “The availability of water in portable, lightweight bottles promotes good health and can be critical in emergency situations. Plastic products do not litter themselves onto our streets or into our oceans, people do.” Taken from Plastic News.

Does shopping in Selfridges  really count as an emergency situation? When might critical hydration be called for? If you can’t fit into a size 12? They don’t have it in the colour you want?  Situations when only water in a light weight bottle will do.

And of course people shouldn’t litter.  They shouldn’t rob houses either but I am not going to leave my  front door open. There are some anti-social elements who don’t behave as we would like. The challenge is how limit their negative impacts. Plastic litter  doesn’t biodegrade. Once out there it lasts for ever. It only takes few meanies to drop their bottles and you have an expensive case of plastic pollution. The answer is  not to say people should stop dropping trash but to stop making everlasting litter.

Some more info

Why plastic doesn’t biodegrade


Russell Brand – sipping pretty or slurping dirty?

Michelle Cassar has been refusing to abuse for a while now. Doggedly saying no to plastic has become a way of life but, as Pam can well testify, it can sometimes feel like a pointless exercise . But while I sit sulking in the wardrobe, Michelle is distinctly more plastivist. What is needed she figured, is a celebrity spokesman, one who talks the eco talk but is also a dood, a happening hipster.

So, she put together a plastic free gift pack, went to see Russell Brand and gave it to him…. personally.

I was so impressed when I heard this, I tracked Michelle down and pestered her into giving me the story.

In her own words

I recently heard Russell Brand talking about corporate greed & how we are destroying the planet, and wanting to live in harmony with the animals and other humans. I then went to see him live & noticed he -like everybody – was drinking out of single use plastic bottles.

As someone who´s been refusing plastics for over 5 years I know how they tie into everything he´s talking about . So I decided to give Russell Brand a solution to what´s he´s discussing. I personally gave him a plastic free hamper at his show in Newcastle upon Tyne. In the hope that he would look at the information and start to use it some of the products. Maybe even in public… Russell Brands simple actions of using a metal bottle rather than a single use plastic one would speak volumes. He wouldn´t even need to speak!

As yet I haven´t seen any pictures of him using it. I´m not sure if he would of read my letter. But I tried!! It can feel like a lonely endeavour refusing single use plastics, but there are people out there quietly doing it. Hopefully soon it will become trendy and what better person to lead that trend than Russell Brand!

With or without him though I´ll carry on refusing SUPs (single use plastics) and it´s great meeting other people online knowing there are others out there doing the same. Making a difference, one refusal at a time.”

Let’s hear it for the girl!

The gift pack contained all kinds of plastic free loveliness including deodorant, shampoo in tins, a massage bar wrapped in paper and a metal water bottle – but not just any old metal water bottle, a gorgeous Klean Kanteen.

klean kanteenA KLEAN KANTEEN water bottle.

I have been wanting one of these forever but simply cannot pay the asking price. I am not saying they are overcharging just that we don’t have much in the way of disposable income.

So far Michelle has had no feed back on her gift but I can hardly believe that Russell is drinking water from tacky plastic in preference to that uber stylish bottle? However, if he is keeping it in his trousers so to speak, perhaps he could pass it on… to me. I hate to snatch at a mans water bottle but this is a Klean Kanteen we are talking about.

So Russell – are you sipping pretty or still slurping dirty? Caring people want to know – and me, well I want your Klean Kanteen.


Give Me Tap – water bottle, water refill & water aid

We are a social enterprise committed to improving water accessibility in the UK, Africa and the World through our reusable stainless steel water bottles and free water network.
Plastic Challenge – We have built a network of cafes and shops where people can get free tap water refills on the go, for free. We have helped save around 2 million plastic bottles from going to landfill so far as consumers do not have to buy bottled water when out and about.
We are committed to making water more accessible for everyone. Through our network of cafes and shops in 40 cities, we can give people with our GiveMeTap bottle access to free tap water refills on the go. This reduces plastic waste and saves people money every day. Furthermore, for every bottle purchased, we can give someone in Africa access to clean, safe, drinking water through our water boreholes and wells. We like to think of this as Water for You, Water for Everyone.
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twitter – @givemetap

A bit more…

This post was written by the contributor. It is a PfU.K. Directory submission.

And the Pf U.K. Directory is…?

…a directory of UK-based groups, organisations businesses and individuals who are responding to the problems presented by the misuse of plastic. That does not mean anti-plastic necessarily but certainly plastic-problem aware.

The DIRECTORY is to promote their fantastic work. Read more here…

Got a project?
It is very easy to get a project featured. Each contributor submits a short synopsis of their project, focussing on the plastic aware element and I post it. You can read the submission guidelines here.



Bath, Love Tap Water Refill Scheme

A new water refill scheme based in Bath. The following has been taken from their website…

water fountain


Two local women want to bring drinking water to the streets of Bath. Love Tap Water not for profit organisation  that wants to make Bath the “first city in the UK to offer its residents and visitors a fully sustainable way to drink water on the go”

It’s water fountains funded by the sale of stainless steel water bottles as designed by Sir James Dyson for the Love Tap Water campaign;

Find out more from their

website  Love Tap Water

Philippines Water Refills

When travelling in far-flung places we will not buy water in plastic bottles. NO its just wrong.


Check if the tap water is actually safe to drink. To find out, visit this super cool website to find out can I drink the water. Just pick the country you want and read the result.

If yes, hooray – all you need to take is your refillable bottle.

If no consider buying a Steripento sterilize you own water.

Refill Stations

Many countries offer a waterbottle refill service. This is for the locals not tourists but you can also use it.  We still sterilise the water with our pen.

Cebu City  to Moalboal

Theres no need to buy bottled water  in Cebu as far as I can tell. Everywhere you look there are large refillable water bottles, encased in wooden boxes, where you can refill your  bottle for pesos. They look homemade  to me – the boxes not the bottles I mean. Of course there is no way of knowing that the bottles simply haven’t been refilled from the tap but the water is clear so can be further treated with your Steripen.


For other water refill points the world over check our big list
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Water bottles for travelling

I do love our water bottles so much I thought I would write a post on them. Here they are.

Please before you scoff, yes we did have proper traveller canteens but we lost them. And the replacements we bought, and the ones after that. Which is bad news as it is very hard to find a good water bottle in SEAsia. So far we have only been able to buy children’s  bottles, the kind that go into lunch boxes, from their equivalent of our “What A Pile Of Crap” shops. That is why I have a pink plastic Barbie bottle which leaks while Village Boy carries a power rangers metal bottle which sheds glittering flakes of metalic, and no doubt poisonous, paint on everything…but is at least beverage tight.

However, despite the above  failings, it is the perfect combination of bottle types. Allow me to expand.

As you know we sterilise our own water using a Steripen. The steripen needs to be submerged in water so the neck of the bottle needs to be wide enough to allow this – Barbie bottle is just right for the job.

When buying juice from stalls instead of getting juice  in a plastic cups We use Barbie bottle.

It is also good for making tea in though probably leaks BPA .

Barbie bottle is so good you might think why bother with transformers glitter bottle. Well the wider the neck the harder it is to drink from on bouncing buses. Far less likely to slobber with transformers.

Also the smaller the screw fitting, the less chances there are of leakage.

Transformers doubles as a hot water bottle on freezing farms.

Transformers is not made from plastic.

Both bottles take half a litre which is perfect for the Steripen which will do 1 or 1/2 a litre at a time.

half a litre of water each is as much as we need to carry the beauty of the Steripen  is that we can always sterilise more when needed.

These bottles fit nicely into bags and don’t weigh too much.

However when Barbie bottle gets left behind this is the bottle I really want

Kanteen Reflect Steel Bottle: No Paint or Plastic, Bamboo, Laser Etched.

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Water Refills World Wide

Find out first

Of course water in many countries the water is actually safe to drink – you can find out where here.

Sterilise Your Own Water
When it’s not we don’t buy water in plastic bottles. NO its just wrong. Instead we sterilize our own water using a Steripen ….

When a bottle refill service is offered we will use that instead.

Find A Refill Service

S.E. Asia Thailand & Malaysia

Water At Home

The U.K.  is one country lucky enough to have safe drinking water BUT sometimes when you are out and about it can be hard to access tap. These worthy schemes  aim make safe, free, tap water available.

Water Bottles

Check out which water bottle here


S.E. Asia – Water Refills

When travelling in far flung places we will not buy water in plastic bottles. NO its just wrong. Instead we sterilize our own using a Steripen …. but when a bottle refill service is offered we will use that instead. We want to support and encourage such  fine ventures.

Clean water machines?

One great scheme is these water machines that are popping up in Thailand, Malaysia and maybe other places.

You put your money in, hold your bottle under the tap, fill it up with nice clean water.


It’s safe – and cheaper than bottled water.


The Islands


Coral Bay
In Amelia’s restaurant (next to Mamas place – first restaurant on the right of the pier) is a water machine. Put your money in, position your reusable water bottle, press the button and out comes the clean water.

Quiver Divers, Coral Bay

If you diving with these guys you can fill your reusable water bottle with their filtered water.


Georgetown (Penang)

There are 3 on Lebuh Chulia (off Love Lane) one next the Reggae Bar another further up on the right, just near the Crystal Guest house and a third opposite the Air Asia Office.

Tanah Rata Cameron Highlands

There is one on the main road which is called the Main Road next to the KFC style fried chicken outlet opposite the bus station.

There is another one at the other end of the street near the clothes shops.



Khosan Road – hidden away behind the t shirts and hair braiders there is a clean water machine – its roughly opposite MacDonald’s (catering for the teenage crowd)

There is another near Khosan on a road I don’t know the name of but next to SEX Tattoo (no, I don’t know who that is catering for).

Chang Mai

One machine on a street I don’t know the name of – can anyone help here – but it is down from the pub that does Guinness, pies and football (guessing they are catering for the ex pat crowd), kind of opposite the book shop.

Chang Rai

There are clean water machines in the night market close to the stalls – sorry I cant be more specific but you might be able to tell from the picture.

Jetyod road – look out for the launderette.

If you stay at Jansom House see tripadvisor for more–  you can fill your bottle for free from their machine.


There is a water machine on Pha Kong Road on the right hand side just  after you cross Mahawong Road – with the Shell Garage behind you  walking towards the night market.

At Nan Guest house you can fill your water bottle for free- if you are staying there and you could do worse.


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Water cooler

Want to catch up on the gossip round the water cooler but don’t want to drink BPA laced water from a plastic bottle? Then get your boss to buy one of these bottle free models from Quench. Basically it takes your tap water, cleans it and cools it. Keen to seen as green, they list some impressive statistics for resources saved by using one of these and also contribute to a tree planting scheme for each filter sold.

Here’s some highlights their press release…………………

Bottleless water coolers  bottleless drinking water systems also save money, energy and oil. Gone are the days when a bottled water delivery service is the only option for providing drinking water to businesses and corporations.

Did you know that only roughly ten percent of plastic water bottles ever make it to the recycling bin? Not only does going bottleless save oil and energy, but it also cuts down on the massive waste that all those 5-gallon water jugs creates.

We have accounted for the planting of just over four million trees, saved over 200 million gallons of water and prevented over three thousand tons of waste.

By making use of a structure’s built-in water supply, bottleless drinking water systems maximize preexisting resources. The closed-filtration system and ultraviolet sanitization option assures that only the cleanest most hygienic water flows. And our dispensers produce hot, room temperature and cold water with the option of making ice, too.
You can find out more at their website

You can find more plastic free office supplies here

You can make your own safe water with this cool, portable gadget.