So many glues, so many man-made polymers. Plastic? In glue? Oh don’t get me started! Yes lots of it, and not just the packaging. Find out more about plastic   HERE

So imagine my joy when watching Kev build his hut in the woods, he actually used a  glue made from urine soaked rabbit skins.Kevin McCloud is a British designer, writer and television presenter. he’s the one that does Grand Designs…. and now he is putting up  a uber shed in a bosky glade.

I always thought he was a bit slick, but life in woods is having its toll.He is becoming more moleskin trousers by the minute!

Here’s a bit more about last week’s episode – that of the rabbit glue. Sadly there isn’t a fact sheet for this particular product, but if you want to make your own – here’s a recipe from t’internet.

Not tried it myself having no rabbits to hand but you can buy it ready-made from DIY Tools.

And here’s the write-up:

“Liberon Rabbit Skin Glue is traditional glue which is mainly used in gesso and size preparations for gilding purposes.

– Natural animal skin glue.
– Traditional pearl used for making Gesso and for gilding.

How to use
Dissolve in warm water mixing 1 part glue to 4 parts water. Heat this solution in a double pot until all the glue has melted. If the glue is too thick add some more water to the solution. Do not allow to boil.

The glue may be reheated two or three times. Old or dirty glue must be discarded and a fresh solution made.”

Of course it comes in plastic packet, and may well contain some plastic polymers, but it is an interesting concept worth investigating.

So there you have it … She wasn’t a psycho your honour, she was just making glue!


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