When travelling in far flung places we will not buy water in plastic bottles. NO its just wrong. Instead we sterilize our own using a Steripen …. but when a bottle refill service is offered we will use that instead. We want to support and encourage such  fine ventures.

Clean water machines?

One great scheme is these water machines that are popping up in Thailand, Malaysia and maybe other places.

You put your money in, hold your bottle under the tap, fill it up with nice clean water.


It’s safe – and cheaper than bottled water.


The Islands


Coral Bay
In Amelia’s restaurant (next to Mamas place – first restaurant on the right of the pier) is a water machine. Put your money in, position your reusable water bottle, press the button and out comes the clean water.

Quiver Divers, Coral Bay

If you diving with these guys you can fill your reusable water bottle with their filtered water.


Georgetown (Penang)

There are 3 on Lebuh Chulia (off Love Lane) one next the Reggae Bar another further up on the right, just near the Crystal Guest house and a third opposite the Air Asia Office.

Tanah Rata Cameron Highlands

There is one on the main road which is called the Main Road next to the KFC style fried chicken outlet opposite the bus station.

There is another one at the other end of the street near the clothes shops.



Khosan Road – hidden away behind the t shirts and hair braiders there is a clean water machine – its roughly opposite MacDonald’s (catering for the teenage crowd)

There is another near Khosan on a road I don’t know the name of but next to SEX Tattoo (no, I don’t know who that is catering for).

Chang Mai

One machine on a street I don’t know the name of – can anyone help here – but it is down from the pub that does Guinness, pies and football (guessing they are catering for the ex pat crowd), kind of opposite the book shop.

Chang Rai

There are clean water machines in the night market close to the stalls – sorry I cant be more specific but you might be able to tell from the picture.

Jetyod road – look out for the launderette.

If you stay at Jansom House see tripadvisor for more–  you can fill your bottle for free from their machine.


There is a water machine on Pha Kong Road on the right hand side just  after you cross Mahawong Road – with the Shell Garage behind you  walking towards the night market.

At Nan Guest house you can fill your water bottle for free- if you are staying there and you could do worse.


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