Vegetable oil is difficult to source plastic free. Buy in glass and the metal caps will have a little plasticized disc or plastic liner on inside and maybe a plastic seal. Plus the bottle will almost always have a plastic pouring widget in the bottle top.Like I can’t pour oil out of a bottle??? Buy in  cans and they have a plastic lid, perhaps a handle and the can is of course  lined with plastic. You can read more here

On Tap
But if you are very lucky you might find a place that sell oils on tap that lets you use your own refillable bottle. Do you need me to explain that? They sell oil from the can and you take your own bottle, which they refill with oil. Whey – plastic free oil!

That said in 2015  Defra  banned ‘On tap’ olive oil. The following is taken form their website….”These oils mustn’t be sold ‘on tap’ in their pure form: extra virgin olive oil, virgin olive oil, olive oil composed of refined olive oils and virgin olive oils, olive pomace oil. Today (2016) seems oil is back on tap. So,  for now you can buy olive oil on tap from a variety of store.

Using your own bottle?
It would seem that some stores allow you to refill your own bottle. Whole Food Market do and I refilled my glass bottle there.  But I cannot vouch for the others listed below! Any information on the subject is much appreciated.

Oil refills in the U.K.

The Bear Co-op, Todmorden, West Yorkshire.
The butchers St Agnes, Devon
Wholefood Supermarket Cheltenham & London

And (thanks to Carol Henshaw) the following in Scotland
Demijohn – Victoria St, Edinburgh refill oil & vinegar (and spirits at Demijohn).

There there was this conversation on Facebook….

Lyn Bull Olive oil Stoneygate, Leicester


Lyn Bull Their deli in silver arcade in the centre of Leicester may also do refills but not checked

Sheena Hatton Claremont Farm in Wirral (oils and vinegars) and Spar in Llanfyllin.

Lyn Bull Vom Fass (oils, vinegars, spirits etc) have two shops in Cardiff and Milton Keynes . The rest are franchises but not found their locations.

 Sarah Seferi Ah there’s one in Dartford in bluewater shopping centre but that’s now call il gusto but exactly the same

Lyn Bull ‘Oil and Vinegar’ Inverness

 Amanda Evans Holland and Barrett in St David’s 2 shopping centre in Cardiff has a lot of different varieties of refillable oil, but they don’t like you bringing your own containers I just insisted that as the bottle I already had was theirs I should be able to use it again, but they got grumpy about “hygeine issues” so I just did it anyway XD

Ruth Jennaway Went to this cafe/deli at the weekend. Lots of oils on tap.

Gifts to savour | Eynsham Emporium

With stunning flavours, perfectly stored and beautifully presented our Ex-Virgin Olive Oils and Sweet…
Åsa PamphilonHoland andBarrer in Chelmsford. I havent yet refilled but it is clearly two different prices for their bottle and oil/vinegar or just a refill so I assume I will have no problems. Maybe I had better leave some oil in the bottle so it is clear it has been used!


Please share your oil buying experiences in the comments below and I will incorporate them into the post. The more detail the better!
Theres more on buying vegetable oil here
Or you could try lard!!!!
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  1. No I don’t but I did read that the law had changed. Best to contact people who are already selling it as they will have up to date information. Good luck. Do let me know how you get on.

  2. Do you have any links to Defra or Food Standards agency about a change in rules about ‘on tap’ olive oil (unflavoured)? From what I can find online right now, it is still prohibited to sell ‘on tap’ ?

  3. Demijohn – Victoria St, Edinburgh and a grocery shop on Marchmont Road, Edinburgh also refill oil & vinegar (and spirits at Demijohn).

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