Recently our van trip has been milk free. Seems they don’t do milk in bottles in France. But if you are lucky, they do do milk in machines. Check out this milk dispenser outside a huge supermarket chain. Thats us filling our water bottle with fresh, cool milk!

And now some forward thinking folk in the U.K have invested

Happy World Milk Day from Nunton Farm Dairy! Come to our Open Farm Sunday on the 11th June to sample our milk from our brand new vending machine, which will be located outside the Radnor Arms, Nunton, from the 17th July onwards. Yay @nuntonfarm on Facebook for lots more info.

And this was taken from the website

The Milk vending machine is now open!!!  Fresh milk is available every day. We are very excited to be have this new facility to enable customers to help themselves to milk  from a vending machine, recycling glass bottles and  reducing plastic bottle wastage. We would like to thank the many customers who have already been  to use the vending machine for their support.
The machine can be found at
Whitegate Farm, Norwich Road, Creeting St Mary, Suffolk, IP6 8PG
01449 710458 / 07787 584386

Can’t get to Suffolk? There are still some milk men who deliver in glass bottles. Check this list. If you know of any others please add to it.

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4 thoughts on “Milk Refill Vending Machine

  1. Tell me about it! At least I have alocal milkman who sell milk from the local farm – but that is a rarity. Farmers too should look for new ways to market their milk and so cut out the supermarkets. Can you make cheese out of pasteurised milk?

  2. Great!!!! That’s what we’ve been having in Austria for decades too. Don’t know why it takes the UK so long to introduce such simple and effective things. But here in Scotland this wouldn’t be an option either as it is prohibited to sell raw milk!!!??? God knows why!!! I’m very annoyed about this as this would allow me to reuse my own container indefinitely to collect fresh milk whenever needed. It would also allow me to make my own fromage fraise, mozzarella, cream,……

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