Recently our van trip has been milk free. Seems they don’t do milk in bottles in France. However they do do milk in machines. Check out this milk dispenser outside a huge supermarket chain. Thats us filling our water bottle with fresh, cool milk!

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A Golden Bay dairy family has imported an automatic milk dispenser and begun selling raw milk from their farm in Clifton.

Mark and Phillippa Houston supplied Fonterra from their farm in South Canterbury before downsizing and setting up in Tasman for the climate and the lifestyle. The idea for selling raw milk evolved in response to strong community interest and support.

“The motivation with the machine is that we didn’t want to stand there all day with the hose to fill up people’s bottles,” said Mr Houston.


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4 thoughts on “Milk Refill Vending Machine

  1. Tell me about it! At least I have alocal milkman who sell milk from the local farm – but that is a rarity. Farmers too should look for new ways to market their milk and so cut out the supermarkets. Can you make cheese out of pasteurised milk?

  2. Great!!!! That’s what we’ve been having in Austria for decades too. Don’t know why it takes the UK so long to introduce such simple and effective things. But here in Scotland this wouldn’t be an option either as it is prohibited to sell raw milk!!!??? God knows why!!! I’m very annoyed about this as this would allow me to reuse my own container indefinitely to collect fresh milk whenever needed. It would also allow me to make my own fromage fraise, mozzarella, cream,……

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