Soap Flakes

I did try to use soap flakes to wash up. I did not find it  pleasant. Yes it cleaned the pots but everything was so slippery that it was a stressful experience. If you want to try this I advise you to make a soap stew as it seems to take a while for the pure flakes to dissolve. You can also use the stew for washing your hair. You can find out more here.

Washing Up Liquid

Then I found that I can get my ECOVER washing up liquid bottle refilled  at Half Moon Health Foods 6 Half Moon Street , Huddersfield. If you are not local then Ecover have a postcode search on their site to find the nearest refill point:

So though the bottle is indeed plastic it can be reused many many times. I now have three bottles on the go – that allows for forgetting to take the empty into town, not once, not twice – but for weeks at a time. But I can proudly say I have thrown away no washing up bottles since.

Need More?

Try this… How to wash up plastic free

Other Products

You can also get refills for ECOVER –




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