ECOVER  do all of these products and you can get your plastic bottle refilled. To find where  Ecover have a refill station check the  postcode search on their site

Washing up liquid (other options here)

You can find more about liquid cleaners here including how to make your own



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  1. Another interesting article on the subject here It is in permanent consultation with NGOs like Friends of the Earth that are very sceptical about synthetic biology. Under their pressure, Ecover has postponed the use of this particular algal oil. Talks between parties do go on. Ecover’s long-term innovation manager Tom Domen says that they would like to keep this process as transparent as possible, and that proponents and opponents should get equal treatment in the forum. The company must be lauded for its openness. Whereas others, including Solazyme, have become very hesitant indeed in their communication.

  2. According to

    The company (Ecover) recently decided to substitute a vegetable oil produced by Solazyme by modified algae for palm kernel oil as the feedstock for its detergents (palm kernel oil being regarded by many environmentalists to have a poor sustainability record). And – this being the point here – it decided to announce this project before embarking upon it. This project too became the object of criticism of Friends of the Earth. As a result of that opposition, Ecover shelved its plans for the time being. Both parties agreed to engage in a mediation process, that still goes on at the time of writing.May 20th 2015 07:30 AM

    Don’t know if they have gone ahead with this yet.

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