Bicarbonate Of Soda in the house

Bicarbonate Of Soda in the house

Bicarbonate of soda – something of a wonder product. This one product can replace hundreds of plastic bottles on your shelves.

You can use it to

Clean a microwave oven

Remove tarnish from silver

Clean a stainless steel sink

Boost the strength of liquid laundry detergent

Clean a fibreglass bathtub or shower.

Clean bathroom tile

Maintain your septic tank

Deodorize cloth diapers

Clean a refrigerator

Deodorize a dishwasher

Boost the strength of dishwashing liquid

Remove burnt-on food from cookware

Clean and deodorize a cutting board

Deodorize food containers

Clean coffee and teapots

Deodorize kitchen garbage

Deodorize carpet

Deodorize a cat litter box

Clean dirt, grime, and scuffmarks from doors, stoves, laminated tabletops, linoleum floors, and tile.

Remove coffee or tea stains from china

Minimize the smell of dirty laundry

Deodorize a closet

Deodorize garment storage bags

Deodorize shoes or training shoes

Remove crayon marks from walls or wallpaper

Clean dirt and grime from hands

Refresh stuffed animals

Clean high chairs, car seats, strollers, and plastic mattress protectors

Clean baby bottles, nipples, and bottle brushes

Whiten socks and dirty clothes

Clean chrome bumpers and hubcaps

Remove dead insects from a car or truck windshield

Deodorize carpeting in a car

De-grease and clean barbecue grills

For more on the above go to cleaning tips from the virtuowl.

More on the many uses of bicarb here




  1. theFIREstarter

    Got to try this wonder substance out! I absolutely hate our kitchen cupboard being crammed with all those silly bottles for cleaning different things, so to replace them all with one thing sounds bloody fantastic.

    How long does a box normally last you out of interest?

    1. Author

      A very long time – but I do buy big bags rather than a box. The boxes (dripack) are not great value. You can get good deals on ebay but they come plastic wrapped…. but that is not nearly as much plastic as all your bottles. I also use it in my home made tooth paste,

      1. theFIREstarter

        Thanks for the reply Kate!

        I found this on the wing yip store but looks like a huge plastic tub… so presuming this is not what you buy?

        Although I see what you mean the 5Kg for £6.30 is much better than the 500g packets for £1.95 I saw on the dri pack website.

        Also found this 5Kg pack on ebay for £8.99 – – Would you recommend those over the wing yip one due to the smaller amount of plastic used – from what it looks like to a layman like myself :)

        1. Author

          Is that mail order for the tub? Perhaps they wont send the paper bags through the post! This is where plastic bags are better! Ho hum. So yes bags use less plastic than tubs though tubs, because they contain more plastic, are more likely to be recycled. If it is a big tub you can often freecycle it. They are very handy for keeping things in. The bags are easier to store and take up less room but the contents are more likely to get damp! You used to be able to get big paper catering sacks full but they are huge and you need to be uber keen or share it with friends. I usually, after much hand wringing go for the bag, buy as much as I can store to minimise plastic used and decant into jars. I console myself with the thought that it is still a massive plastic reduction. Have I helped or are you now gnashing your teeth?

          1. theFIREstarter

            No that’s great, thanks for the extra info! Yea the wing yip one was for mail order, I couldn’t see any ones that looked like they were in paper, but will have another look later. I’m not in a massive rush to buy any right now as unfortunately as previousy mentioned I already have far too many cleaning products in the cupboards, so I guess I may as well use them all up first (I’ll save the bottles to make new homemade stuff in though, obviously)

          2. Author

            No, no point in wasting what you got. I looked on the site – no paper bags mail order. Just have to move to Manchester! Thanks for the info re plastic tubs.

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